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Posted on November 26, 2014

If you have $20 million to spend on a home in Collier County, chances are good that you’re looking in the Port Royal neighborhood. The luxury waterfront development first constructed in the 1940s has nearly 500 homes, most in the multi-million dollar range. Vacant lots are hard to come by and so is new construction, but the developer KDIC is offering just that: a brand new home scheduled to be finished in January.

It sits on a 3/4-acre lot at 1650 Galleon Drive and comes with an asking price of $19,900,000.

Just who exactly might buy a home like this? Kevin Aizenshtat of Gulf Coast International Properties is representing the Galleon Drive home and says Port Royal buyers are often “captains of industry and pioneers of their trade.” Looking at the development’s more notable owners, we see a collection of entrepreneurs, inventors and business leaders that includes Gov. Rick Scott.

Those not familiar with Port Royal might wonder why a buyer would want property in a development when for the same price he or she might purchase, say, a private island. Some of it has to do with the upscale amenities that the community offers, like tennis courts (nine of them) and a resort-style swimming facility. But a lot of it has to do with the lifestyle. Port Royal property owners are eligible for membership in the community’s exclusive beach club, which offers prime opportunities for socializing with a certain economic set.

Even factoring out the estimable zip code, the Galleon Drive house has some magnificent features: six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, formal living nd dining rooms, fireplaces, a wine room, a wet bar, cantilevered balconies, cathedral ceilings, an elaborately designed pool, a separate guest house and a water feature at the front entrance that might inspire jaw dropping.

The house boasts 9,480 square feet of living space and the property comes with 149 feet of waterfront coverage, a full lot and half. The 60-foot dock can accommodate a deepwater yacht, and there’s no-bridge access to the Gulf of Mexico.

Why should it matter that there are no bridges between this property and the Gulf? Because an overpass limits the size of the boat. And if you own a $20 million piece of waterfront property, chances are good that you have a serious yacht to go with it.

Not so long ago, the real estate market in Southwest Florida was floundering and the idea of new construction made developers cringe. But Naples has seen steady growth in the last few years, and now real estate agents are saying there are more buyers than homes on the market.

At this price range, we’re talking about a very small pool of potential owners. But 1650 Galleon Drive has gotten the details right. With these architectural elements, this much water frontage, and — not to be discounted — this address, the house is in a prime position to sell.

By Artis Henderson
Naples Florida Weekly Correspondent

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