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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BCB Homes is known for efficiently building the most complex homes in Southwest Florida. We collaborate with the most skilled architects and engineers to help identify conflicts with the systems of these complex homes BEFORE we begin construction.

In 2015, BCB Homes created a division dedicated to resolving any incongruity in the plans for these intricate buildings (architectural’s, MEP, landscape). We have also utilized BIM 3-D Modeling for some of the more recent starts.

BIM is Building Information Modeling which is a process that provides insight to help plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and their infrastructure. BIM allows the collaborative use of one coherent system of computer model like Autodesk, rather than separate sets of drawing from multiple design professionals (MEP, Architectural, structural plans). BIM also allows other programs such as NavisWork to help identify conflicts in drawings prior to construction.

In synopsis, with the use of BIM, BCB Homes will build homes even more efficiently – less surprises to arise and shorter time frames needed to complete construction.

This video by BCB Homes shows how conflicts are identified prior to construction.

Congested Corridor-webThis image shows the discrepancies occurring between the Architectural and MEP drawings


  • Constructability
    + Conflicts between the different disciplines
    + Architectural
    + Structural Engineering
    + Civil Engineering
    + MEP
    + Involves the design team in the construction of the project from the beginning
    + Proactive rather than Reactive
    + Fewer Change Orders
  • Functionality & Marketability
    + Reduce construction costs
    + Faster construction time
    + Show how the house works to the client
    + Cutting-edge
    + Greater overall efficiency
  • Offerings of BIM
    + 3-D Model
    + 2-D architectural
    + Interior plans with dimensions
    + Aerial images
    + 3-DS Max
    + As-built construction documents
    + Laser scanning

To see a more detailed explanation of  BIM, please click here for a video by NBS National BIM Library.