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Building Diagnostics & Testing

Problematic building issues can often times prove to be challenging, stressful and time consuming. BCB Homes wants to help you find a proper resolution to your building issues and we want to make your life easier. With our knowledge of building construction and system operations, and our accumulated experience of dealing with these problematic issues, BCB Homes can help determine the cause of your building’s problems and work with you to determine the best suited remediation for your issue.

We offer over 18 years of experience and a successful record in identifying, diagnosing and resolving a wide spectrum of building issues. We employ a forensic approach, while using a wide variety of testing equipment, which will allow us to more quickly make a determination as to the cause of any specific issue.

Some of the consulting and investigation services we provide are:

  • Indoor Air Quality Surveying
  • Air Leakage/Blower Door Testing
  • Air Movement/Air Pressure Field Mapping
  • HVAC System/Flow & Pressure Management
  • Recommendations for Repair and Redesign
  • Follow-up Testing
  • Exterior Building Survey
  • Water Penetration Testing

However, building science is not an exact science and often times professional judgment is required. When a situation arises where the services of a professional engineer in a given field are required, BCB Homes has a diverse pool of professionals which we are able to call upon to assist us in resolving your building issues. The combination of experience and resources gives us the ability to work with you on nearly all building issues you may encounter.

“BCB Homes builds the best homes in America. Period. The physics of building in the South Florida hot, humid climate are hard enough on their own, but BCB Homes executes the details better than any other builder I know. It is truly state-of-the-art building science wedded to beautiful home design.”

Joseph Lstiburek, Ph.D., P. Eng.,
Building Science Corporation

Please call BCB Homes for all of your Diagnostic & Testing needs: 239.643.1004.