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What is Building Science?

Building science is the collection of scientific knowledge that focuses on the analysis and control of the physical phenomena affecting buildings. Traditionally includes the detailed analysis of building materials and building envelope systems.

BCB Homes has been in the business of fixing “sick” buildings in Southwest Florida before there was even the term ‘Building Science’. Our DNA is Engineering and we love the challenge presented by the complexities of fixing a home that is failing. Southwest Florida is one of the most challenging environments to build in, and it takes professionals to diagnose the problem, write up the prescription and execute the cure. We have specialists who determine the cause and effect of failures due to design errors and omissions, construction methods and materials concerns (e.g. Chinese drywall, window leaks, etc.). BCB Homes has qualified employees who are able to collect the data necessary to assess the health and well being of the building envelope.

BCB Homes’ areas of expertise are:

  • Material Deficiencies – Failures & Defects of Materials Used
  • Maintenance Defects – Improper Maintenance Methods & Materials
  • Resultant Failures – Water Intrusion & Mold Investigation
  • Construction/Installation Deficiencies – Windows & Doors, Roof Systems, Ventilation Systems, etc.

Once we have compiled all data and completed the reports, we review each item with you and give you our recommendations for resolution.

No matter how small or large the deficiency is, we contact outside consultants and engineers to ensure all concerns have been addressed and resolved.

“BCB Homes builds the best homes in America. Period. The physics of building in the South Florida hot, humid climate are hard enough on their own, but BCB Homes executes the details better than any other builder I know. It is truly state-of-the-art building science wedded to beautiful home design.”

Joseph Lstiburek, Ph.D., P. Eng
Building Science Corporation

This is your life, your home-life that we’re talking about. Trust the professionals at BCB Homes and call us for all of your Diagnostic & Testing needs: 239.643.1004.