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Everyone at BCB Homes was very good to work with. We appreciate all Scott, Burt and Chris have done to make our building experience an enjoyable one. All of our friends have been very impressed with our home!

Russ & Rene G.

“More importantly I am convinced a big part of the reason we sold for $17.5 on our home finished 14 years ago is the provenance of a BCB Built home and the trail of maintenance by BCB Estate Management. Your company is asset insurance and paid its rewards for us. Many years of happy family time and ready for the next 15 years with a new family. Still like new. Passed a rigorous inspection with minimal issues. Amazing!”

Jim and Patti H.

“The large renovation we did with BCB Homes was the most enjoyable house project we’ve ever done. When the professionals from BCB gave our 15 year old house a total transformation the end result surpassed our expectations.  Our home now flows the way we live, almost like it’s our own personal resort!”


Linda & Dave J.

“People coming to our home for the first time think it’s NEW… pretty amazing since its 11 years old. Nice Work!”

Laurie P.

“My husband and I look forward to a longtime relationship with BCB Homes. Your company comes highly recommended and we appreciate the ‘peace of mind’ this relationship will bring during our seasonal use of our Naples Home.”

Pat G.

“Our experience with BCB Homes was fantastic. They did a site visit, interviewed us, prepared and provided a detailed budget, then took the time to review it with us. I have been down here for close to 20 years, work in the construction industry, interface with many builders and to date have not witnessed a team so dedicated to the customer.”

Andy R.

“Everything is perfect. All of the work is being taken care of in a timely and very professional manner. I am very pleased.”

J. W.

“Thank you for the very clear photos of the minor damage we sustained during Hurricane Irma. It helps to have a solidly built BCB home!”

Bob and Joyce R.

“Thank you and your team for being proactive and visiting both my properties before Hurricane Irma and taking care of the repairs after. It’s a relief to have you guys helping me out especially since I’m so far away”

Warren W.

“Joe and I would like you to know how thankful we are to you and BCB HOMES for building such a high quality safe and sturdy home that withstood hurricane force 141 mph winds and rain with no damage to our house at all. It is truly a testament to such high quality workmanship! Thank you so much.”

Sherri and Joe A.

“Just a quick note to thanks you guys for building a great house for Debbie and me. We came through Hurricane Irma in great shape. We were reflecting how fortunate we were to have such a professional construction team. Thanks for your time and patience in building a truly beautiful well constructed home.”

Ray and Debbie G.

“Kudos to all on the BCB team that waterproofed our home during the exterior renovation. Despite being on the beach, with Hurricane Irma’s 130 MPH winds, and many windows and doors which we did not have a chance to cover, no water came in the house! Also, it appears that we suffered no structural damage of any kind. Thanks again for your attention to detail and quality work!”

Dave and Brenda P.

“BCB Homes has done an outstanding job remodeling our condo. We have had two homes built and many renovations done in the past, and this has been the best experience we have ever had. BCB is an outstanding company with integrity and quality work to deliver to the client.”

Dave and Diane P.

“We are extremely happy with the home you built us! It is so beautiful and the workmanship of the subs is perfection and I know that comes down from the top. Your expectations are high and they respond. I also want to compliment you on the guys & gals who worked on the house. We were always greeted with respect and friendliness and everyone was always quick to answer concerns.”

Bette N.

“Estate Management is so great! I call them my LL’s (Lifesavers and Luxury)…everything that matters to me matters just as much to them. I’m amazed to have found such incredible partners.”

Marnette P.

“BCB Homes did a thorough and professional job in construction with the highest quality materials. Thanks BCB!”

Fred B.

“It was a pleasure to work with such professional, honest and caring people throughout my project. I have been through many remodeling projects in my life. Thank you for making this remodeling job so painless and for adding so much to my home!”

Nancy D.

“BCB Homes builds the best homes in America. Period. The physics of building in the South Florida hot, humid climate are hard enough on their own, but BCB Homes executes the details better than any other builder I know. It is truly state-of-the-art building science wedded to beautiful home design.”

Joseph L

“In one of your first letters to us, you indicated that you would work to make the home building process an enjoyable experience. You have been true to your word, and it has been a pleasure working with you all.”

Rick & Barbara S.

“Having never built a home in Florida before we had many questions. Joe Smallwood’s knowledge of southwest Florida, and Port Royal specifically, was a huge help to us and he always steered us in the right direction.”

Jessica B.

“BCB Homes resolved quite a few problems in my previously renovated 1950s built home. They resolved everything from air conditioning issues to insulation problems to gas and water leaks. They fixed problems other people could not even find.”

Peter B.

“BCB Homes built our place in Naples in record time and most importantly they have been there at any call for any small thing since we met. I think they are fair and excellent contractors and I would use them again anywhere they would work!”

Carol B.

“We are truly enjoying our newly renovated home. BCB made some suggestions which have added to our enjoyment and the entire process was stress-free. Everyone was great to work with and did a great job of keeping it all on schedule and within the budget.”

Harmon & JoAnne B.

“BCB Homes made the experience of building our home exactly what it should be – exciting and stress free. After our great experience, we recommend BCB Homes to everyone we know. We can’t wait to build our next one!”

Blake & Janet G.

“BCB Homes made the remodeling process easy for us. We had an ‘A Team’ that included an architect, an interior designer and of course BCB Homes. We did the renovation from afar and had to trust our ‘A Team’ to have our best interest in mind and we never had to worry or stress about things getting done on time. We love our new home!”

Jim & Tammy S.

“I’ve nicknamed your Estate Management program, ‘The Princess Program’, and I like being a BCB Princess. Anything you want, whoosh, and it’s done!”

Julia P.

“The BCB Homes team was very professional, honest and quick to answer our questions and accomplish our goals. They did a great job!”

Anne M.

“Our new home has worked out exactly as we’d hoped for with room for family and friends when they visit. We feel that BCB Homes has a great team of professionals from the Superintendent working in the field, the Project Manager crunching the numbers with a positive attitude to the COO being a terrific source of ideas and practicality.”

Gary & Anne C.

“BCB made the entire process far more enjoyable and less stressful than we had imagined possible. We can’t speak highly enough of the professional yet friendly relationship we have developed with our entire BCB Homes team.”

John & Barb B.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Estate Management Division of BCB Homes.   Their responsiveness, professionalism, and access to resources has greatly simplified the challenge of managing our second home in Port Royal.  With the peace of mind that BCB is protecting our investment, we have never enjoyed our home more.”

Michael M.

“Jan and I continue to be impressed (on a daily basis) with the care and attention that everyone in the company gives to every little detail. Needless to say we feel lucky to have been able to work with Travis SMith who continuously has gone out of his way to make sure this is a real “custom” home building process.”

Dick S.

“Many thanks to BCB Homes. Our home was so well thought out and the attention to detail is so great. We constantly wander through our home amazed at how it all came together- we wouldn’t change a thing!”

Jim & Patti H.

“BCB was able to answer any question I had at any time, on any day – well worth it!”

Billy Don G.

“We were treated wonderfully. Their work is outstanding and we recommend them highly. We are more than happy and more than satisfied.”

Alwin K.

“BCB Homes is the top builder in Naples, and we wouldn’t build a home with anyone else!”

John & Mary Beth A.

“We are very pleased with our home. BCB Homes not only builds a quality home, but they stay on schedule and stay on budget. Their strength is the follow-through to ensure that everything is working, not only the first year but the second and third.”

Dolph & Sharon A.

“I liked the direction and guidance that BCB Homes’ staff provided to assist in my decision making. I have not worked with a builder who has been so on top of things… so responsive and available, not to mention thoughtful.”

Simone L.

“We have been favorably impressed with all of the BCB people. This starts with the President/CEO and runs all the way down through the general laborers working even occasionally on the jobsite. They have done a superb job of keeping the project on course and on time, and also have been easy to work with and fierce in their efforts to see that we are satisfied and that the job is done right.”

George & Barbara T.

“They believe in doing things right the first time, on time, on budget.”

Gary T.

“When you build a home you expect everything to be perfect. BCB Homes makes it perfect! We were impressed with their attention to detail, on-time scheduling and that their work force is extremely well qualified.”

Dick & Jackie B.

“We feel like we are living in a Five Star Spa Resort and better! Thanks for giving us such a GREAT final product- we think we had the best builder possible!”

Bob R.

“We enjoyed working with many of the BCB people, but we have had a special relationship with Scott Weidle. He has become a friend.”

Chris K. & Marcia M.

“We had never built a home before. We are fairly detail-oriented, but not knowledgeable, about home-building. To add to that, were living 1500+ miles away during construction. We had a budget, yet we wanted first-rate amenities and a well constructed home. Therefore, we needed a builder we could trust. We got that builder with BCB Homes. We have heard many horror stories regarding home construction and renovations. We had none. Thank you all at BCB!”

Gary & Janet R.

“BCB Homes’ attention to detail is what sold us on using them as our builder. Their guidance and the whole team’s efforts are what made our house so special and most importantly our home.”

Casey O.