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Stay High & Dry With BCB Homes

Posted on April 7, 2016

It was an unusually wet winter in Southwest Florida. Gulf coast cities saw record or near record rainfall – amounts usually only seen during the summer months. Weather experts place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the phenomena known as El Nino.

High winds and driving rain, no matter what the season, are of no concern to our homeowners’ windows because BCB Homes has strict guidelines and proven methods to ensure moisture stays outside where it belongs.

Although the Florida Building Code dictates windows must be constructed to endure hurricane-force winds, many windows are not constructed to prevent water intrusion. Such is not the case with BCB Homes.

Every window we install is waterproofed with a sealant and coating system, thereby eliminating the concerns of trapping moisture in building materials during construction and after completion. This system prevents moisture from reaching the interior, while allowing it to drain outside during extreme weather conditions.
Reece Windows (Night)

We also employ a “wash down” technique to test installed windows for water leaks. A spray rack applies water to the window and its perimeter. This high-pressure, high-volume process lasts up to 45 minutes and enables us to correct any sealant deficiencies.

The bottom line: no window receives a stamp of approval unless the internal window framing and the home’s interior walls stay high and dry throughout our mechanically-induced artificial rain storm.

We understand that moisture can cause damage to drywall, flooring, woodwork and other finishes and could ultimately be a source for mold. That won’t happen when you build with BCB Homes.

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