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The Mother of Makeovers

Posted on January 15, 2015

Each month, LUXE Living features a makeover story giving readers pause to wonder, “How did they do that?” This month, our cover story home could be called the mother of all makeovers — resulting in one of Naples’ finest examples of what can happen when a design trifecta happens between homeowner, builder and designer.

Native New Englanders Anthony and Joanne Migliaro could be two of the nicest people ever to migrate to Naples. Their warm, inviting presence is unmistakable. Nothing could please these homeowners more than seeing a guest walk through their front door. Once inside the house, visitors instantly feel welcome, despite a dramatic entrance that defines the word “wow.”

Perhaps that’s why the Migliaros’ home has been the site of many a holiday party, their soaring Christmas tree echoing the joy this couple share so freely. It’s challenging to make a home this size feel cozy, but somehow, with their gracious-ness and a lot of help from the folks at BCB Homes and Collins DuPont Design, this 5,800-square-foot house is just that.

“When people come in here, they really feel special, especially when we entertain, and we love that guests still find it striking even though we have been friends for years and they’ve seen it many times,” Mr. Migliaro says. “They will say they want to spend more time looking at the details, and every time they visit us, they are seeing something new they never saw before.”

The Migliaros have lived in their Mediterra house for seven years. It was constructed in 2002 as a model, but the owners made a lot of changes, including remodeling it twice through the years. The final product is part fantasy space, part homespun touches. But it didn’t always look like this.

Titanic Teamwork

BCB Homes renovated the kitchen and casual living area. Vice President Greg Brisson says the remodel of those areas needed to meet the Migliaros’ desire to update the kitchen finishes and décor, as well as to rearrange and reprogram the kitchen’s uses.

“They wanted it to function better for their everyday use,” Mr. Brisson says. “Trying to find an updated look and layout while still fitting with the existing Mediterranean interiors was the biggest challenge.”

At the end of the makeover project, Mr. Brisson says his favorite aspect of the makeover that makes it all worthwhile is the cabinetry finishes.

“The backsplash and tile work were beautiful, and the way it all integrated together — even with the countertops — was absolutely stunning,” Mr. Brisson says, adding that a single-family homeowner has to be mindful of careful planning and design of a remodel so that it is artfully integrated with the rest of the home. “Put the time up front to design the project well so that it is well integrated into the existing architecture and design.”

BCB Homes worked with the expert design team of Collins & DuPont Design Group to come up with the vision for the remodel. Collins & DuPont designers have more than proven their talents in an array of award-winning homes that inspire awe and appreciation in even the most discriminating homeowner.

What Collins & Dupont Designer Lana Knapp loves most about the Migliaros is their enthusiasm and passion for life. Ms. Knapp says they see eye to eye when it comes to color and overall design.

“The spaces must be aesthetically beautiful and extremely functional and comfortable without losing anything in style,” she says. “Anthony always asks me, ‘Lana, does it have the ‘wow’ factor?’ With the Migliaros, this is a must.”

Ms. Knapp says she was impressed by the detailing and materials used in the Migliaros’ home, including the stunning limestone columns and fireplace, which are timeless details in this traditional design.

“The only thing that it needed was a little updating, like the original woodwork in the entry, dining room and kitchen, which were very dark and heavy. My challenge was to use as many of the original architectural details as possible while creating a fresh, updated look,” says Ms. Knapp, who achieved this by lightening up the color palate that played off the natural, soft tones of the stone detailing throughout. “One of the challenges I had to overcome was to add lots of needed storage without it looking heavy and cramped.”

Details Make A Difference

And then there were details after details to consider throughout the project. For example, Ms. Knapp says she always paints the outlet covers to blend in with the backsplash material to create a fluid, uninterrupted design and camouflage the outlets.

“One of the most useful details that I incorporated into the design for the Migliaros was using a wood-look porcelain tile in the kitchen and family room,” Ms. Knapp says. “The Migliaros love the way it looks and how it holds up with all of the constant entertaining.”

Working with BCB Homes on such a unique project also helped — something Ms. Knapp says is always a wonderful experience.

“They are very professional and they put the best quality possible into everything they do,” she says. “I have worked with them for years, and each experience has been a very positive one for the client as well as myself. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Between the Jerusalem stone columns spaced throughout the property and a pool that’s modeled after San Simeon cobalt tiles, a home this size could feel over the top. Instead, it feels just right.

“Remodeling is a domino effect, so we have repainted and added lighting, and there is that wow factor when you walk in — this is a party house,” Mrs. Migliaro says. “The lights are set up for gathering. For example, we had 13 people for Thanksgiving, and it’s so nice to sit in the dining room and sit down with good food and good friends.”

The Migliaros’ home is an open concept, but with the pillars, it still feels private. Mrs. Migliaro loves that she can work in the kitchen and make a mess, yet guests seated at the dining room table won’t see it — although that doesn’t stop them from congregating around the vast kitchen. They love to sit in the banquette, which is positioned at the beginning of the island. Little touches, such as each of the outlets painted to match the tile, take the kitchen to the next level of design detail.

The Migliaros go back and forth between which are their favorite rooms. They love the rooms that were remodeled, but also cherish their bedroom.

“Before we remodeled previously, there were a lot of dark golds and brick and browns,” Mr. Migliaro says. “Now the house is a romantic, welcoming place.”

That’s an understatement. The house is heavy on romance, from the columns surrounding the dining area to the couple’s massive, four-post bed.

Yet the Migliaros, who are natives of Massachusetts, are making some major life changes that don’t include the upkeep that comes with a 5,800-squarefoot house. They are selling their beloved makeover. Their one wish? That the new owners love it as much as they have. The couple sums it up thoughtfully:

“You can’t help but feel blessed to have such a magnificent place to live that when you walk through the front door, it lifts your spirits.”

(Naples Florida Weekly)

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