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Post-Hurricane Recommendations

Posted on September 20, 2017
Now that the storm has passed, how do you check to make sure your home is not in need of repairs?
Here are some steps you can take:
  1. Have a thorough Roof Inspection completed.
  2. Once power is restored and the A/C is working, inspect your Windows and Doors:
    • Open all units individually and inspect them thoroughly
    • Clean out all tracks, frames and hardware
    • Lubricate the hardware
  3. Inspect your Windows and Doors from the interior with an Infrared Camera. Limited leaking at windows and doors may occur in a strong storm event. Limited drywall wetness will typically dry once the A/C is running and the house is stabilized. If leaks appear again in the near future under normal seasonal conditions, more investigation and repairs may be required to the windows and doors.
  4. Inspect your Attic with an Infrared Camera. Look for water at vented eaves and ridges if you have a vented attic. Wet insulation should be removed and replaced. Roof leaks should be addressed by a licensed roofer.
  5. Check all Exterior Railings for proper attachment. These could have been loosened from the storm.
  6. Once the fallen vegetation and debris is removed from your property, wash the salt, sand and debris off of your home.
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