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What do you do if your home was damaged in a hurricane?

Posted on September 20, 2017

What do you do if your home was damaged in a hurricane?

  1. Safety First – Stay away from downed power lines and call your utility company.
  2. Assess The Damage – Inspect your roof, windows and doors, etc. and take pictures of any damage. (Read more about the steps to ensure your home is not in need of repairs by CLICKING HERE.)
  3. Contact Local Contractors and obtain written proposals for the repairs.
  4. Read your insurance policy carefully and contact the claims department directly.
  5. Request an insurance adjuster inspection. Insist your contractor is present during the adjuster’s inspection.
  6. If your claim is denied, don’t worry. You are entitled to meet with 3 insurance adjusters. Remember, even a small amount of damage should result in an approved claim. Any type of damage can devalue your home and should be fixed immediately before it leads to greater damage down the road.
  7. Once your claim is approved, your insurance company will send you payments.
  8. After your materials are delivered, your contractor will get to work.

For Individual Disaster Assistance from FEMA, please visit:

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