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Fire and Water

Posted on December 2, 2015

Naples is well known for many natural attributes. Its sun-filled skies. Its gentle Gulf breezes. Its majestic palms. And its sandy white beaches. But it’s also becoming well known for something else – spectacular outdoor living areas. And, two of the hottest trends in outdoor living spaces can be summoned up in two words – Fire & Water.

BCB Homes has been the leader in designing and constructing outdoor living areas for many years. So it comes as no surprise that clients are requesting bigger and more luxurious outdoor living spaces.

“We’re seeing a higher demand for outdoor fireplaces and fire pits than ever before,” said Scott Weidle, BCB Homes’ COO. “We’re also seeing more water features – not only in the back of the homes but at or near the entrance as well.”

There’s a simple explanation for the trend – home owners want their outdoor living spaces to be an extension of their interior space.

“That’s one of the reasons we’re seeing more luxurious features outside,” said Weidle. “Elegant fireplaces, wood burning or gas fire pits, linear fire walls and fire tables create a warm and inviting space to gather around, especially while entertaining.”

Weidle quickly added the perfect companion for fire – is water.
“Fountains and ornamental water features create, not only another focal point for the outdoor living area, but also a relaxing sound as water trickles from multi-tiered bowls or cascades down a decorate stone or granite wall.”

According to Weidle, every project is different. But they do have a commonality – fun.

“The demand for luxurious outdoor living spaces will continue to grow and become more elaborate,” said Weidle. “Even outdoor kitchens are getting larger and have more features including Evo grills, warming drawers, beverage centers and even pizza ovens.”

He concluded, “I couldn’t think of anything better than making a homemade pizza – and then enjoying it with family or friends while we sit around the fire and listen to the water just steps away.”

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