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Control4 Smart Home System

Posted on January 27, 2017

Do you have a Smart Home? These days, most household electronics are “smart” already. From TV’s to thermostats, door locks to lights and blinds, contemporary electronics usually come with a convenient application for remote control. However, without a single, intuitive Smart Home System to effortlessly orchestrate all automations from a single device, the individual applications are difficult to manage.

One home automation sources BCB Homes’ clients have had installed into their homes is a system created by Control4. Many people find Control4 to be an extremely inclusive, user-friendly control interface. Tie in control of your sound and lighting systems, TV and other electronics, garage overhead and front doors, and just about anything else with a motherboard of its own, for a single-source master control of your home.

There’s no need to compromise your lifestyle and leisure with Audio-Video-Lighting headaches. Not only does Control4 offer remote device rebooting for cruise-control troubleshooting, but with the on-point installation and service from our preferred partner, you will never be left without recourse for quick tech support.

A home is not truly “smart” unless its components and features can be controlled effortlessly by you and your guests. Based on the collective BCB experience, we can confidently state that Control4 soundly delivers the goods.

Contact us to see how Control4 can help you organize your home’s electronics.

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