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Building a Custom Home: Tips for Choosing the Right Builder

BCB Homes is the ultimate choice for the construction of a custom home, but you do not need to take our word for it. We urge you to do your due diligence with the following tips for choosing the right builder when planning for building a custom home.

Building a Custom Home: Tips for Choosing the Right BuilderWe provide construction, renovation, and estate management services for homeowners throughout Southwest Florida. Our three decades of experience provide us with experience, contacts, and a proven record of success.

Our roots run deep, and our goal is to elevate the building standards of the area. This legacy continues to be the driving force behind our efforts.

Key Features of BCB Homes’ Service:

  • 30-year history of high-end home construction and renovation
  • World-class workmanship and advanced design
  • Finest materials and high standards
  • High-efficiency systems and materials
  • BCB Homes Learning Center – 2,600 square feet of display and educational space for clients and techs
  • Personal service, collaborative and attentive
  • Detailed planning and open communication
  • Award winning

Defining Your Fantasy Home

If you have been thinking of building a custom home, one of the first considerations will be the style that you want the home to be. Whether you want the home to reflect the tone of the community you wish to join, the region where you live, or your own personal preferences, BCB Homes is able to provide the style preferred. A few examples of architectural styles include the following:

  • Colonial Revival
  • Tudor Revival
  • Modern craftsman / Craftsman bungalow
  • Rancher
  • Farmhouse
  • Cape Cod
  • Queen Anne
  • Mediterranean Style
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Contemporary

As you decide which style appeals to you, take the time to peruse various architectural magazines and online boards to take in all of the possibilities.

Just as you define the architectural style, you will need to determine the interior style that you prefer. The architectural style will generally influence the interior as well. Consider whether you want your home to be calm and welcoming or alive and exciting. The layout, features, rooms, and room dimensions will flow from these preferences.

Where you want to build will have a definite influence on plans. Defining the location must precede any planning. The vision that you have for your dream home needs to be planned in such a way that it works with the given plot of land.

Getting the layout of your home right the first time is essential. Once your home is built, going back and adjusting the layout itself will be a hassle that you can easily avoid. As you plan your home, you may need to adjust the layout a few times before it is perfectly lined up with your functional and style preferences.

The orientation and positioning of your home on your chosen location are also important and need to be thought of as connected factors. Size, natural light, shade, wind, and the available views should influence the positioning of various portions of the home.

Check out the prior work of BCB Homes through our online galleries, or request a scheduled home tour. The proof is in the residential excellence that we have provided for others and can also provide for you!

Relying on these tips for choosing the right builder for building a custom home will lead you to BCB Homes. Schedule your consultation today by clicking here to contact us online or by calling one of our offices:

  • Naples: (239) 643-1004
  • Boca Grande: (941) 964-1704
  • Sarasota: (941) 330-0800.
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