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Design-Build Firms for Your Luxury Custom Home in Sarasota, Florida

In your search for exceptional design-build firms for your luxury custom home in Sarasota, Florida, give BCB Homes a second, third, and final consideration. We offer a team marked by experience and expertise in building highly efficient, durable, and custom remarkable homes.

Design-Build Firms for Your Luxury Custom Home in Sarasota, FloridaBCB Homes is the foremost luxury, custom home construction company in Southwest Florida, with offices in Sarasota, Naples, and Boca Grande. We offer more than three decades of experience, incorporating style and function into every client’s home.

Joyful Home Design with BCB Homes

Rather than becoming overwhelmed with the thought of building a custom home, choose BCB Homes. We offer guidance every step of the way, beginning with a creation of your team – led by an Executive in Charge and consisting of a Project Manager, Field Manager, Superintendent, and Selections Coordinator.

Plan for Your Family’s Needs

Building a home custom-designed for your household should center around the needs of that household. Beyond the beautiful designs that you covet from design magazines and online boards, you need to include the rooms and features that will promote the lifestyle your household enjoys.

Consider your current home – the elements you enjoy the most and the features that get in your way or are lacking. Identify the areas that are seldom used as well as those that are frequently overcrowded and non-functional.

Plan for Livability and Style

Choosing a neighborhood and a home style should go hand-in-hand. The architectural style needs to be somewhat in-line with the community and the way that you live. If you enjoy entertaining, pursuing hobbies, working, or spending time with your kids, make room for these activities.

Plan for Your Budget

With careful planning and the experience-based guidance of BCB Homes, your home design will be maximized for your budget. The Pre-Construction phase at BCB Homes will establish your financial limitations from the beginning, preventing any confusion later.

When considering your budget, factor in all of the following:

  • Long-term plans for the home – primary residence, vacation home, investment property, etc.
  • Total monthly costs of ownerships – mortgage, taxes, insurance coverage
  • Estimated monthly overhead costs – gas, water, electric.

Plan for a Successful Relationship with Your Team

Work with BCB Homes through your team closely. Open communication, clarity, and frequent updates are essential. The cloud-based construction management software that we employ allows our clients to enjoy ready updates at all times, no matter where they are.

Choose BCB Homes for Optimal Results

BCB Homes can fulfill all of your needs relative to building your custom home regardless of the scope of the project.

We offer already built homes, help finding the perfect property, building on your own property, renovating an existing home, or even managing the maintenance and repair of your home. We listen and react with consideration based upon your individual preferences and lifestyle.

BCB Homes builds homes that stand tall against the pressures of weather and exposure in Southwestern Florida. The homes that we build have improved indoor air quality, greater eco-friendliness, and easier maintenance requirements based upon the way that we build and the materials we use.

The best of the design-build firms for your luxury custom home in Sarasota, Florida is BCB Homes. Click here to contact us online or call the local Sarasota office at (941) 330-0800.

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