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Bonita Springs’ Best Home Builder

Creating your ideal home should begin with your choice of Bonita Springs’ best home builder, and BCB Homes would like to put forth our name for consideration. Our presiding goal is to help clients enjoy the experience of watching their homes come into being and the lives made possible by the long-term results of the project.

Find the Ideal Custom Home Builder

Bonita Springs' Best Home BuilderCompile a List of Candidates – When the time comes to find the builder for your dream home, the first step you should take is research. If you have family or friends in the area with experience building projects themselves, consult with them. Find out which builders provided positive experiences and which did not. Specific conditions that deserve consideration include the budget, communication, and problem resolution of the companies in question. 

Additional resources you have at your disposal when considering home builders include the area’s real estate and mortgage professionals, who will be quite familiar with the builders’ reputations in the area. You can also consult online resources, including customer review websites, the BBB, and local home builders associations.

Interview Candidates – Once you have a list of candidates with positive reputations, prepare to interview each of them. Not only should you create a list of priority questions, but you should also trust your instincts regarding compatibility, professionalism, and sense of dedication.

A quality builder like BCB Homes will patiently answer your questions and provide as much reassurance and proof of expertise as you require.

Potential Interview Questions for Builder Candidates:

  • What is your on-time completion rate?
  • How long will I likely wait for the project to be complete?
  • Can you supply references from recent projects and older ones? (Follow through and check them.)
  • How is the quote determined?
  • What percentage of projects finish in line with the budget? Over? Under?
  • What determines the home’s final price, including line items and costs that are not part of the quote?
  • Are quotes based on low, middle, or high-end materials?
  • What options do you have with customization and layout?
  • Describe the general process for your company’s projects.
  • What experience does your company have with building luxury, custom homes?
  • What is the policy for changes in design made during construction?
  • How will the project be managed?
  • What are the policies regarding communication?
  • What measures do you take regarding customization and input during planning?
  • Request proof of licensing, insurance, and warranty.

Information about BCB Homes

BCB Homes’ claim to be the ideal choice for your home is backed by evidence. Allow us to answer a few of your questions in advance.

Budgeting and Timeliness – From the very first meeting, your project will be overseen and managed by a Dedicated Project Manager. This person will be your Point of Contact and keep your build moving on time and on budget.

Communication – Not only will you have a dedicated point of contact via your Project Manager, but you will also have access to a cloud-based construction management software, which allows you to check in on the status of the progress remotely at all times. 

Customization – BCB Homes fully integrates client preferences into the design of our work. We even provide the BCB Homes Learning Center for our clients to learn about the available options. 

If you want to learn even more about what makes BCB Homes Bonita Springs’ best home builder, reach out via phone at (239) 643-1004 or complete this online contact form.

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