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Bonita Springs Luxury Builders

A home worthy of the paradise on Earth that is Bonita Springs requires the level of luxury possible with the expertise and commitment of the builders here at BCB Homes

Bonita Springs Luxury BuildersThe primary mission of BCB Homes is to elevate the building standards of Southwest Florida, and over the past three decades, we have succeeded in doing so. Evidence of this success highlights the most elite neighborhoods of the region. We also provide clients with experiences marked by timeliness, decreased stress, and budget surety.

Living the Good Life in Bonita Springs

Bonita Springs is a dynamic community situated between Naples and Fort Myers, with an environment and culture that facilitates outdoor and luxury living. The city welcomes golf lovers, with no fewer than sixteen different communities that are home to golfing enthusiasts.

The area’s nickname, “Gateway to the Gulf,” demonstrates the importance of beautiful beaches to the Bonita Springs lifestyle. Clients have no difficulty finding waterfront properties with marina and docking services.

BCB Homes Construction Program

The failsafe measures that we use to create homes that will thrive within the climate of Southwest Florida encompass our BCB Homes Construction Program. The frequent rains and storms, high temperatures, extreme humidity, strong winds, and sun exposure don’t overpower the strength of our materials and methods

  • Concrete and concrete blocks for exterior walls and architectural features for strength and resistance to mold and moisture.
  • Energy efficient building systems, windows, and doors
  • Landscaping measures for shading the home for maximum energy efficiency and windbreaks.

Build New or Remodel with BCB Homes

Whether you find the perfect location and build from scratch on an empty lot, renovate an existing home, or tear down and rebuild, having BCB Homes helm the project is the surest way to a smooth process and ultimate satisfaction. 

Our building, renovation, and estate management services span the communities of Southwest Florida. By choosing BCB Homes, you will have a partner in your home design. 

Key Reasons to Choose BCB Homes:

  • Operations and relationships in the area since 1993
  • High standards of design, construction, and management
  • Finest materials, expert craftsmanship, and advanced techniques
  • Dedicated BCB Homes Learning Center for discovery and education regarding materials and techniques
  • Constant communication, transparency, and customer support
  • Maximized customization, safety, and durability of home design and build
  • Expert, professional planning
  • Numerous awards and honors

Oversight and Management of BCB Home Builds and Renovations

Transparent communication is the best way to minimize stress related to construction projects. Therefore, we offer access to a cloud-based construction management software that provides clients with insight into the progress of their projects at all times. With this software, you can check on the project remotely.

BCB Homes projects are also managed and overseen by a dedicated project manager. This person will serve as your point of contact for the project’s duration and will keep the project in line with the agreed-upon scheduling and budget.

Plans to create a brand-new or renovated residence in Bonita Springs merit using the best luxury builders available. BCB Homes offers expert-level professionals with extensive experience and standards. If you would like to arrange for a consultation, call us today at (239) 643-1004 or complete the online contact form.

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