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Bonita Springs’ Best Luxury Home Builder

As you plan to build a new home, make it truly your own by partnering with Bonita Springs’ best luxury home builder, BCB Homes. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by many builders with the same claim, allow us to make the case and set forth a plan for determining our supremacy in the building world.

Bonita Springs' Best Luxury Home BuilderPersonal home construction is more than a significant investment financially; it is also an investment in your lifestyle and future. Therefore, the choice of builder for your home becomes the primary priority when designing your home, and specific criteria should guide this choice.

Criteria for Choosing a Home Builder


Expertise requires experience, but your home should not be a building block of experience for a novice home builder. Instead, you want to choose a builder with significant experience as an established and successful company.

The type of experience a home builder has is also important. You must ensure that the company is up to the scope of the job you have in mind. BCB Homes brings three decades of experience to the table. This time has allowed us to establish a large footprint in the area, where we provide luxury and custom home constructions, renovations, and estate management services. 


Before selecting the perfect home builder, make sure that you see prior work and check references. BCB Homes will be happy to provide an extensive collection of references, and we offer an online gallery for your convenient perusal. We can also arrange for a tour of some of our previously built homes. As you consider potential home builders, speak with prior clients when you receive references: follow through.


Take your research a step beyond references by reviewing the reputation of the companies within the community and online. Remember that the company can select the references they provide. So, check multiple sources if you want the good and the bad. From online reviews to the BBB and the area’s home builders’ association, you can get a range of information for your consideration.


Whenever hiring professionals to work on your property, you want to be sure that you have appropriate coverage. Any company that refuses to present this documentation should be avoided.

The Contract Is Everything

Once you have chosen a builder, you must be aware of the importance of the contract. Understand all terms, and include every detail that could become an issue during the project. Pricing, scheduling, gaining permits, customizations, plan changes, and warranties are some of the primary elements that must be part of a building contract. Understand what is included in your contract and what is not. Expecting a comprehensive property build and not receiving it will be disappointing. BCB Homes provides a collaborative approach that ensures you completely understand your home’s plans, having as much input in those plans as you desire.

Before planning your new home construction, choose BCB Homes, Bonita Springs’ best luxury home builder. We offer decades of experience, transparent and constantly available communication, master craftsmanship blended with innovative and advanced techniques, and a dedication to high standards. To schedule your initial consultation, reach out by calling us at (239) 643-1004 or filling out this online contact form.

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