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Best Home Builders in Sarasota, FL

Design your custom home with the best builders in Sarasota, FL, BCB Homes. We provide the perfect mixture of skill, artistry, and technology in our efforts. Our streamlined protocols allow your home to be defined fully by your wish list while being built to the highest construction standards. 

Best Home Builders in Sarasota, FLOur system involves asking pointed questions and bringing professionals from across the building trades to translate your ideas into plans and then expertly execute those plans.

Since 1993, BCB Homes has improved the communities of Southwest Florida with masterpiece-level homes, estates, and villas. From the design process to move-in day and beyond, the experience will be led by client wishes and structural integrity.

From your first meeting, you will have a team approaching your home build. An Executive in Charge will lead this team and will include the following building professionals:

  • Project Manager
  • Field Manager
  • Superintendent
  • Selections Coordinator.

The Project Manager will ensure that the train runs on time, smoothly, and according to your preferences. The Selections Coordinator will guide you toward the best quality materials that fit your budget, tastes, and lifestyle.

Helping you make the critical decisions regarding the design plan is the BCB Homes Learning Center. The 2,600-square-foot space includes exhibits of materials, technology, and techniques. Our clients’ education at this center informs their decisions, and we use this space to train new and current employees.

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) program that creates a 3-D rendering of the design is helpful in that the client can see the home in full detail, but it also allows experts to verify that all features and techniques planned will work in sync with one another. 

By using the finest materials and techniques and maintaining open communication, BCB Homes can create the perfect home for each client.

BCB Homes professionals can help through every stage of the process – from finding the ideal home site to creating and approving the design, anticipating the build, and enjoying each step.

Staying current on the status of your project is a given with BCB Homes. The smartphone in your hand can provide access to the cloud-based construction management software that permits remote access to the project’s status at any time.

The way that we approach building is to coordinate with clients and promise quality, safety, and energy efficiency. Southwest Florida throws extremes of heat, humidity, and even wind at a home. The homes that BCB Homes builds are ready to withstand these challenges, providing a stronger structure that is safer, more durable, more easily maintained, and with healthier indoor air than other building processes allow.

Once your new life in your home begins, you can continue to rely on BCB Homes for estate management services for effortless home care and remodeling and renovation in the coming years as your design preferences or your lifestyle-related needs change.

Book a consultation with BCB Homes, the best home builders in Sarasota, FL, by contacting us online or calling our office. We also have locations in Naples and Boca Grande so that we can conveniently meet the needs of more clients. Call us at any of these locations: Sarasota (941) 330-0800, Naples (239) 643-1004, or Boca Grande (941) 964-1704.

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