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High-End Home Builders in Bonita Springs, Florida

Should you desire to build a home from the ground up in Bonita Springs, Florida, choose the best builders of high-end homes, BCB Homes. The proven experience and expertise of our home building and renovation capabilities are evident in the results standing in the most elite neighborhoods of Southwest Florida, the awards we have won, our online gallery, and our well-established reputation.

High-End Home Builders in Bonita Springs, FloridaOver three decades, BCB Homes has worked diligently to elevate the building standards of the region and surpass the expectations of each and every client. While we offer existing homes for sale, we also provide custom home building, renovations and additions, and estate management services. 

Every home that we build receives 100% of our efforts. The customizations you choose, enhanced functionality, durability, and energy efficiency, come with every plan we create and execute. Furthermore, from designing the plan to moving in and even after, we establish personal relationships with all our clients.

When our process is complete, you will have a home that is all your own.

The BCB Homes Process

BCB Homes prioritizes collaboration with clients to ensure that the design is exactly as the clients choose. From the beginning, your home project will be approached by a team led by an Executive in Charge that includes a Project Manager, Field Manager, Superintendent, and Selections Coordinator. This team will see your home-building process from beginning to end.

With a piece of land in mind, begin the design process. We are familiar with working directly with homeowners or their design proxy, asking pointed questions to ensure that the features, layout, and materials align with their vision. To ensure that these decisions are based upon a complete understanding of the materials available, we provide the BCB Homes Learning Center.

The Learning Center is an on-site center with the finest materials displayed in virtually every category. The Selections Coordinator of your team will guide you toward materials suitable for your budget and style preferences to help you make on-point choices. We also demonstrate techniques for clients and use the facility to train new and current employees. 

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) program lets us show precisely what the design will look like in three dimensions. This exhibit benefits the client but allows our experts to identify any potential problems with the existing design.

BCB Homes will undertake the actual construction process. We hold ourselves to high standards and require that each home we complete meets those expectations. A BCB Homes structure is built to withstand time and exposure. The building envelope is strong and energy efficient, with concrete and concrete block exteriors, solar-resistant and high-impact glass, energy efficient roofing, and more. Ample rainfall, high heat, sun exposure, and high winds are no match for the carefully planned and constructed masterpieces of BCB Homes.

Clients of BCB Homes have a dedicated project manager that provides oversight throughout the design and construction of their homes, keeping the work on budget and on time. We also use a cloud-based construction management software; you can check in on the portal anytime and from anywhere with online access for the current project status.

The construction of your high-end home in Bonita Springs, Florida, can begin as soon as you contact the builders of BCB Homes. Reach out to discuss the possibilities today by clicking here or calling our office in Naples (239) 643-1004, Sarasota (941) 330-0800, or Boca Grande (941) 964-1704.

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