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What Are the Advantages of Estate Management for Your Naples Home?

As an owner of a home in Naples, discover the advantages of estate management from BCB Homes. Let us present the benefits of a turnkey service for home care, beginning with peace of mind.

What Are the Advantages of Estate Management for Your Naples Home?Established in 1993, BCB Homes has three decades of experience meeting homeowners’ building-related needs throughout Southwest Florida. We build new homes, remodel multi-million dollar homes and luxury condominiums, and provide estate management services. With regular inspection, maintenance, and repair provided by the experts of BCB Homes, your home will remain in top condition without requiring any of your time, effort, or worry.

Effortless Home Maintenance

Our estate management services can be selected according to your preferences and needs. As you go about your day-to-day life, whether at home or away, our service will ensure that even minor issues are spotted and rectified immediately, preventing more extensive problems.

While the estate management services that we offer are incredibly numerous, some of the most popular include:

  • Weekly visual home inspections of the following:
    • A/C condensers and drains
    • Landscaping and exterior lighting
    • Pool and spa
    • Structural wear
    • Driveways
    • Windows and doors
    • Balconies and terraces
    • Home appliances
    • Fireplaces
    • Water intrusion
    • Security systems
    • Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
    • Generators
    • Other home features
  • Roof system inspection and routine maintenance
    • Performed by the BCB Homes Building Science Division
    • Comprehensive, 70-point inspection
    • Biannual roof cleaning and maintenance program is also offered
  • Window and door inspection and maintenance
    • Evaluates the function of all windows and doors
    • Inspects the condition of related hardware
    • Tracks wiped and oiled
    • Recommendations made regarding repairs needed
  • A/C systems inspection and maintenance 
    • Check for refrigerant leaks
    • Clean/replace filters
    • Flush and treat condensate lines
    • Test and clear drain lines
    • Provide a report with suggestions and photos
  • Audio/Video, electrical, and lighting control inspection and maintenance
  • Grounds and structure inspection and maintenance
    • Landscape health
    • Pool, spa, and equipment
    • Entry gates
    • Pool fencing
    • Docks and lifts
    • The building envelope of the structure

Prioritize the Use of Time

Time is valuable. Whether you have plenty of free time or very little, why waste it on home concerns?

Allow the experts from BCB Homes to manage all of your home’s maintenance needs so that you can focus on the travel, hobbies, and family time you prefer. After all, you live in the most beautiful part of the world; spend your time enjoying it!

Estate Management from BCB Homes is a predictable, assured way of keeping up with home maintenance. Each property has a dedicated manager for these services. You will not deal with a different person week after week, and you can expect regular reports, with photos, that provide suggestions to keep your home’s systems in superior working order. You may forget to take care of the everyday needs of a luxury property, but your Estate Manager will not. 

As we apply our expertise and experience to your home’s management, the result will be maximized health, durability, energy efficiency, functionality, beauty, and value. Protect your greatest asset with professional oversight.

As homeowners like you recognize the advantages of estate management for your Naples home and want to learn more, we encourage you to reach out to book services, ask questions, and even provide feedback. To contact us, you can click here to do so online, or you may call our offices in Naples at (239) 643-1004, Boca Grande at (941) 964-1704, or Sarasota at (941) 330-0800.

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