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BCB Homes – Crafting Luxury Custom Homes in Naples

When crafting luxury custom homes in Naples, Florida, partner with BCB Homes for assured success. A majestic community deserves a majestic home like the ones we can create. Over the past three decades, we have proven our passion and ability and can prove it again for you.

The Construction Process

BCB Homes - Crafting Luxury Custom Homes in NaplesBCB Homes incorporates luxury into every home that we build. We have move-in ready homes, furnished and ready for your household, but we specialize in crafting world-class homes that are personalized to our clients’ functional and aesthetic preferences. Our homes share incredible quality; we employ only the finest materials, advanced and proven techniques, and sustainable measures.

In addition to building homes, we also provide renovation and estate management services. We desire to make homeownership as effortless, secure, and satisfying as it should be by handling the responsibility. At the same time, you enjoy the perks of a luxurious and functional home built specifically for your household.

Collaboration, education, and communication are the prime ways we deliver customized luxury. Every client enjoys the service of an entire team of experts, led by an Executive in Charge and consisting of a dedicated Superintendent, Project Manager, Field Supervisor, and Selections Coordinator. With a professional team, no detail falls by the wayside.

The BCB Homes Learning Center educates our clients through displays and demonstrations so that they can choose the materials and techniques that they prefer for their homes. Satisfaction comes from informed decisions made by clients. This level of input empowers our clients to personalize their homes more directly, and we are also familiar with the processes required to work with our clients’ design representatives. 

BCB Homes employs a three-step process to produce outstanding residential structures. 

During Pre-Construction, we take the following measures:

  • Assign a design team – architect, landscape designer, interior designer, selections coordinator
  • Establish budgetary guidelines for initial pricing and schedule budget status updates
  • Choose systems that are both affordable and low-maintenance
  • Set up a system and schedule for making decisions during all phases of the build
  • Finalize pricing to lock in material pricing and the best choice of material suppliers and subcontractors.

This phase includes the education BCB Homes provides, a 2,600-square-foot facility where clients can view displays and demonstrations to understand the choices before them. We also utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that allows us to inspect the design in a 3-D virtual format to evaluate functionality and aesthetics.

Construction is the second phase of our process. As we build your home, we will provide monthly updates, photos, and scheduling details; timely communication of any schedule or budget changes; coordinated scheduling; and best-quality craftsmanship for all components of the build.

Once the home is complete, we will deliver a remarkable home to begin Post-Construction, Phase Three of the process. We’ll recommend maintenance contracts and provide a second-to-none detailed warranty, a noteworthy customer service program, maintenance manuals and schedules, and around-the-clock emergency services.

Click here or call (239) 643-1004 to contact BCB Homes in Naples, the professionals known for crafting the ideal luxury custom homes in the area. You deserve a home that reflects your preferences, lifestyle, and goals.

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