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BCB Homes: Elevating Luxury Living in Naples, Florida

A life well lived requires a home to match. BCB Homes facilitates elevating luxury living in Naples, Florida, by providing homes designed around your best life and your style preferences. 

The BCB Homes story began in 1993 when a group of second-generation builders partnered to raise the building standards in the area. We do so by remaining true to proven construction measures while integrating advanced techniques, fine materials, and a dedication to collaborative home building.

BCB Homes: Elevating Luxury Living in Naples, FloridaClients can come to BCB Homes for an existing luxury home that is furnished and move-in ready, but we also specialize in the custom construction of client homes. We have a longstanding reputation for adding world-class, award-winning homes to the most prestigious communities of Southwest Florida. We invite you to view our online galleries for insight into our skill level.

Beyond construction, BCB Homes supplies clients with remodeling of both condos and single-family structures and estate management services. 

Luxury Home Creation

The creation of luxury homes by BCB Homes follows our established best practices that begin when we establish a dedicated team for your project. The team includes the following roles:

  • Executive in Charge
  • Project manager
  • Field Supervisor
  • Superintendent
  • Selections Coordinator.

Every new construction follows a three-phase process that includes Pre-Construction, Construction, and Post-Construction.

Pre-Construction – Phase 1

  • Design team selection – included roles consist of architect, landscape architect, and interior designer
  • Budget guidelines for initial pricing and regular updates
  • Systems that are affordable and low-maintenance
  • Processes for making choices during construction
  • Final pricing to lock in materials and service providers.

Keys to the success of the Pre-Construction phase include the application of the BCB Homes Learning Center and the BIM (Building Information Modeling) software we use. The Learning Center is an on-site facility that measures about 2,600 square feet and offers our clients an education regarding the materials and techniques available to them without requiring them to visit several job sites.

The BIM software renders 3-D images of the home design, allowing our engineers and architects to analyze the plan before any efforts begin to ensure it is sound and functional. The photos let our clients and design team “walk through” the home virtually to evaluate the effectiveness of the home stylistically. 

Construction – Phase 2

  • Photos and scheduling updates every month
  • Timely communication upon time or price changes
  • Coordinated scheduling.

Post-Construction – Phase 3

  • Completed home
  • Maintenance contract recommendations
  • Delivery of warranty and maintenance information
  • Remarkable warranty and customer service coverage
  • Around-the-clock emergency service.

We use top-tier methods and materials, the most advanced in the field. The priorities of these guidelines refer to the exterior structures, mold and mildew prevention, improved indoor air quality, high-energy efficiency, “Green” home certification, ease of maintenance, superior craftsmanship, and advanced technology. 

By prioritizing these elements, we provide homeowners with a home that withstands the tests of the subtropical climate and time. We regularly received feedback from clients regarding the continued “newness” of our structures years later.

Elevating luxury living is the goal in Naples, Florida, and BCB Homes can provide elevated luxury within your home. Click here or call (239) 643-1004 to explore how we can provide this assistance through custom home construction, renovation, or estate management services. 

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