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Luxury Remodeling Pelican Bay, Naples

Life in Pelican Bay, Naples, should be about enjoying the fruits of your labor, and one of the ways you can indulge is with luxury remodeling of your home to elevate it into the customized idyllic space only you can imagine. BCB Homes offers craftsmanship and artistry for any additions or renovations you choose.

Luxury Remodeling Pelican Bay, NaplesBCB Homes awaits the opportunity to cater to your dreams of the perfect home whether you have a clear vision in mind or could use some guidance along the way to define that vision. We believe in a collaborative process, whether directly with you or your interior design advocate, from conception to completion, and we offer a Learning Center where you can physically see and touch all potential materials as you make the most detailed decisions. From flooring to finishing materials, lighting, windows, knobs, and more are on display for evaluation here at our office.

Having BCB Homes at your side will ensure that your dreams coincide with safe and functional building practices. Every project is equally important to us, and we promote an openness of communication to ensure that our clients’ dreams are fulfilled. Our team consists of specialists in every field across the building trades to ensure a seamless process of construction.

As you devise a design for your ultimate dream home, consider a few ideas that are not obvious to every client we encounter.

Embrace Love of the Environment with Eco-Friendly Housing

Living green has become much more important in recent years. Today’s energy efficient building often translates into eco-friendliness as well, and BCB Homes specializes in integration of several features that will provide benefits to the environment as well as the comfort and livability of your home, specifically windows, doors, air quality, and HVAC features.

Alternative methods for incorporating luxury and eco-friendliness include the use of reclaimed materials as features and aesthetic accents. When you tell your BCB team that you prioritize environmentally sensitive building elements, we will make every effort to oblige.

From design to construction, enjoy a partnership with your team through advanced, cloud-based building management software designed to provide constantly available updates even when away from home regardless of the distance you plan to travel. Your project manager will be dedicated to ensuring seamless communication occurs among all players from architects, to designers, and builders.

Identify the Renovations and Additions for Enhanced Luxury

Incorporate luxury along with a greater sense of yourself by choosing specific areas to renovate or add to your home. Elevate your bathroom to a spa; add a champagne or wine room; design a den for the cigar enthusiast; or even a bowling alley or movie theater for entertaining. The only limitations are your imagination, your interests, and your budget.

BCB Homes invites you to call and partner with us when your home needs an upgrade. We offer any of the following:

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling
  • Master Bedroom Suites
  • Room Additions
  • Second Story Expansions
  • Outdoor Living Areas
  • Pools and Spas
  • Upgrade Windows and Sliding Glass Doors
  • Upgrade Air Quality and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Roof Repair and Replacement

Comfort, luxury, and customization become part of any luxury remodeling plan when you choose BCB Homes to bring your design vision to life in Pelican Bay, Naples. Explore the advantages of personalized renovations by calling (239) 643-1004.

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