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Luxury Remodeling Companies Serving Mediterra, Naples, FL

Are you considering making changes to your Mediterra home and looking for luxury remodeling companies serving Naples, FL? If so, you have found the best in BCB Homes

Luxury Remodeling Companies Serving Mediterra, Naples, FLWe are confident that you will find BCB Homes to be heads above the competition as you compare one prospect to another. Just in case, though, we would like to provide you with some tips about red flags that should cause you to choose a different provider.

Red Flags of Less-Than-Stellar Remodeling Contractors

Flag 1 – A Shockingly Cheap Quote

While saving money might seem appealing, the adage that you “get what you pay for” is true. The contractor will likely have to use subpar materials, untrained labor, and sketchy techniques to offer this quote. 

Make sure that the contractor you choose is committed to using quality materials and cutting no corners when it comes to professionalism, safety, and quality standards. 

Flag 2 – Insufficient References

A quality remodeling company, such as BCB Homes, will have no problem providing many references with former clients from recent and older projects. The recent projects can clue you into current procedures and personalities, while older references will tell you how well the projects and customer service fare over time. You must follow through and consult with these references, though.

Avoid any company without enough references. This situation means they have been in business for too short a time, have unhappy clients, or have other negative aspects to hide.

Flag 3 – Lack of Communication Procedures

Much of the stress from remodeling projects is due to a communication failure. However, quality remodeling contractors will keep in touch with regular updates and constant availability. BCB Homes, for instance, provides a dedicated project manager for each client as well as access to cloud-based construction management software. These two features assure our clients of progress updates and a single point of contact regarding the project from anywhere, at any time. 

Flag 4 – A Request for Upfront Payment in Full

Upon entering into a partnership with a contractor, you can expect an initial payment and a payment schedule to follow. However, any contractor who suggests that the entire payment is necessary at the beginning is insufficient for the task. As you consider the contract proposed, make sure that the payment schedule is clearly defined and agreeable.

Flag 5 – Problem with Permitting

Permits are an expected part of renovations so that any quality company will be well-versed in the process. Therefore, acquiring the appropriate permits should not be a problem. If a company suggests you pursue this step on your own, mark the candidate off your list and move on to the next prospect. 

BCB Homes can deliver high standards developed over three decades of experience, advanced construction techniques, and master craftsmanship. Each project team will have professionals from every segment of the building trades and will be led and managed by a dedicated project manager. 

Homeowners in Mediterra who are considering the luxury remodeling companies serving Naples, FL, will find that BCB Homes has none of the red flags discussed and will, in fact, surpass all expectations of what your remodeling experience can be.

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