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Luxury Remodelers Sarasota, Florida

Updating your luxury residence in Sarasota, Florida, requires the expertise of experienced and proven remodelers like the professionals here at BCB Homes

At BCB Homes, client satisfaction and structural integrity are key priorities. We strive to build, remodel, and manage properties to promote visual appeal, curb appeal, functionality, and longevity. Make your room fit the needs of your family’s size, lifestyle, and preferences through a BCB Homes remodel.

Luxury Remodelers Sarasota, FloridaWhen homeowners choose BCB Homes, they choose a team of experienced, educated craftspeople. Creativity of design, advanced systems, and detailed knowledge allow us to create elevated structures that offer luxury, timeless appeal, and durability. 

Renovations that we often provide include upgrades to kitchens and bathrooms, the expansion of a primary bedroom into a suite, second-story expansions, outdoor living areas, upgraded windows and sliding glass doors, upgraded air quality and A/C systems, pools and spas, roof repair and replacement, and entire condo renovations. If your home needs adjustments to become your dream home, we can supply those modifications, regardless of the scope.

We frequently accommodate additional rooms for bedrooms, home offices, bathrooms, and more; guest homes; pool and spa features; solar systems; and additional garages.

How we approach remodeling projects for our clients allows for a broad scope of projects. Each client receives communication and status updates. Communicating and receiving updates at all times allows for a remodeling experience with less stress. 

Partnerships with BCB Homes result in custom-designed residential properties. As you prepare for a remodel, the team working on your home will include professionals across the building trades. This team will take in your ideas, provide feedback, and ensure that your notions are prioritized in a way that works conceptually and structurally. 

We provide a BCB Homes Learning Center on-site to give homeowners a complete education regarding materials and methods available for their projects. This 2,600-square-foot center allows for fully informed choices and greater home satisfaction.

If you want to take a backseat to a professional designer, BCB Homes is familiar with working with designers, architects, and homeowners alike. We begin with your conception, desired features, and material preferences to create a remodeling plan that provides the results you seek.

A dedicated project manager will lead every team of remodelers at BCB Homes. This person will be your way to communicate questions, requests, and concerns, and they will make sure that your project progresses appropriately. 

BCB Homes also provides access to our cloud-based construction management software. This software will allow clients to seek status updates regardless of time or location. This open communication promotes a stress-free and joyful experience full of anticipation without hiccups or unexpected delays interrupting the positive experience. 

Remodeling, renovation, and home additions from BCB Homes meet the highest building standards. The results of our efforts produce long-term strength, healthy indoor air, and greater energy efficiency. 

If your Sarasota home no longer sparks passion or suits the functional needs of your family, reach out to the extraordinary luxury remodelers in Florida: BCB Homes. Explore how we operate, the services we offer, and the warranties we make by calling (941) 330-0800 or following this link to contact us online.

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