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Luxury Remodelers Fort Myers, Florida

Incorporate updated luxury into your Fort Myers home with the expertise of remodelers with BCB Homes of Southwest Florida. Customized upgrades to make your house truly your own require communication and commitment to craftsmanship in construction. 

BCB Homes Remodeling Efforts

Luxury Remodelers Fort Myers, FloridaEstablished in 1993, BCB Homes builds, renovates, and manages multi-million dollar homes in the region. We operate out of Naples, Boca Grande, and Sarasota offices, providing a stress-free, custom approach for all our clients. Each project is an opportunity to improve the integrity, beauty, functionality, and value of a home and the life of the family it shelters.

Hiring BCB Homes to remodel your cherished home requires a great deal of trust. We invite you to check out our online gallery, request references, and consider the many awards we have received throughout the decades. 

The extent of your home remodeling can range from a few superficial tweaks to a complete gut and remodel. Our work aligns with Florida Code requirements and prioritizes environmentally friendly efforts.

A dedicated project manager will be on hand throughout the experience to be your partner throughout the build. Each project’s team has an Executive of BCB Homes at the lead, overseeing the work of the Project Manager, Field Manager, Superintendent, and Selections Coordinator. 

Home Additions

Working from home, welcoming new kids (or returning kids), caring for older parents, or simply needing a bit more room are all motivators to add to your home, and BCB Homes will craft extra spaces seamlessly. We regularly complete these additions:

  • Bedrooms
  • Home offices
  • Bathrooms
  • Guest house
  • Second story expansions
  • Pool and spa
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Solar systems
  • Additional garages

Home Renovations

Renovations, small and large, can transform your home into one you find meeting your aesthetic and functional needs. Renovations that we frequently offer include:

  • Whole condominium renovation
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Roof repair and replacement
  • Upgrade windows 
  • Upgrade sliding glass doors
  • Upgrade air quality and A/C systems


Elevate your condominium from standard to luxurious with the expertise of BCB Homes. Throughout the project, you will communicate with us directly, and our team will be available to you from conceptualization to completion.

Green Remodeling Efforts

Living in an environmentally responsible way, in as many areas of life as possible, should be everyone’s goal. We prioritize this in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Energy efficiency
    • Energy efficient appliances
    • High-efficiency A/C equipment
    • High-efficiency pool pumps
    • High-performance impact, solar rejecting, visibility maintaining glass for windows
    • Landscaping, rooflines, awnings, and shutters to shade glass on the southern and western sides
    • Non-vented attics with directly applied insulation
  • Water conservation
    • Hot water recirculation system
    • Native plantings for landscaping
  • Indoor air quality
    • High-efficiency A/C equipment
    • Separate dehumidification equipment
    • Sealed attics
  • Health 
    • Minimization of pollen, allergens, pollution heat, and humidity through insulation and air barrier system
  • Durability
    • Impact windows
    • Concrete
    • Concrete block exteriors
  • Environmentally friendly actions
    • Low-voltage light fixtures
    • Saltwater pool system option

The luxury remodelers of BCB Homes can amplify space, maximize functionality, increase value, and show love to the environment with thoughtfully and expertly made changes to your home in Fort Myers, Florida. Discover how we can be of help by clicking here to contact us online or by calling our offices in Naples [(239) 643-1004], Sarasota [(941) 330-0800], or Boca Grande [(941) 964-1704].

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