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Take The Stress Out of Remodeling By Planning Now

Posted on February 8, 2019

For those who wish to be in a newly renovated single-family home or condominium by next fall or winter season, the time to start is now.  Doing so can alleviate much of the stress that is naturally involved with completing the process, particularly for those wishing to renovate a condominium that is subject to the limited May 1 through October 31 construction windows allowed by the building’s POA and HOA. Researching, interviewing and selecting the project team, determining what is behind the walls of an existing residence, creating an architectural design for the renovated spaces, POA and HOA design approvals when necessary, permitting, creation of an interior design, materials selection, ordering and delivery, and, finally, the actual construction process and design installation can take far longer than one might think. 

Remodel in Aqualane Shores

“We advise our clients that the remodeling process can take upwards of four to five months before the actual demolition and construction can start,” said Greg Brisson, President at BCB Homes.  “There are a lot of moving parts involved with any remodeling project and that is especially true with a total home renovation.  In many cases, a total renovation can involve removing walls and literally taking a home down to the original studs so that the spaces within the home can be entirely reinvented.  The result can be spectacular.  Understanding the process and a willingness to complete the process one step at a time in a methodical way is really the key to the homeowner getting what they envision and to doing so in a timely, cost effective way.” 

The importance of having the design/build entire team in place from the very beginning as well as to know what is behind the walls.  All is rarely what it might seem when it comes to the pipes, HVAC ducts and other mechanical elements that are hidden behind the walls.  If we do not assess the current state of the home with the homeowner and the designers, we could be in for some big and expensive surprises once the demolition begins. 

Once the architectural and interior designs have been created, approved, and permitted, it is up to the general contractor to complete the demolition work and new construction as scheduled.  For BCB Homes’ Greg Brisson, time is the ultimate determining factor.

Bathroom Remodeling Port Royal
“At BCB Homes, we are very aware that a remodeling project can involve a significant investment for our clients and whether they are making that investment for resale purposes or to enhance the personal enjoyment they derive from their home, we do not take it lightly,” said Brisson.  “Thoughtful, carefully considered advanced planning with the entire project team is the key to both cost efficiency and timely completion.  Depending on the client’s delivery timetable, single family homes obviously can offer more flexibility than condominiums that might be subject to design considerations, shorter work days, and predetermined periods during which work can be conducted.  In either case, we encourage any new or existing homeowner who would like to be in a remodeled residence by this time next year to begin the process now.”

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