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Top Rated Remodeling Companies in Naples, Florida

Has the time come to upgrade your dream home? BCB Homes is among the top rated remodeling companies in Naples, Florida and is fully prepared to bring your home into your preferred state.

Top Rated Remodeling Companies in Naples, FloridaHeadquartered in Naples, BCB Homes constructs, remodels, renovates, and manages the estates and homes throughout Southwest Florida. For the past three decades, we have constructed and renovated numerous homes. Whether you need a few small changes completed or would like a complete gut and renovation, BCB Homes will apply the superior craftsmanship and attention to detail that we bring to every project.

Remodeling Possibilities

The renovations that we most commonly perform apply to specific areas of the home, and they usually serve to enhance the lifestyle of the homeowner or to bring a space in line with new design trends.

When clients choose BCB Homes for their renovations, they benefit from a dedicated project manager, cloud-based construction management software, and 3-D demonstrations of plans.

The dedicated project manager will be your point of contact as well as the person responsible for making sure that the renovation is on-schedule and on-budget. When you have questions, bring them to this person.

The cloud-based construction management software allows clients to have fewer questions. Regardless of location or time, you can log in and evaluate the status of your project.

The 3-D demonstration of plans will help you know that the plans do reflect your desires before the first day of work begins.

Kitchen Remodels

The kitchen space of a home needs to be user-friendly and should never seem dated. As the heart of the home, loving this room is essential to loving your home. BCB Homes will bring know-how and workmanship to the table to make the changes you would like.

The Bathroom Turned Sanctuary

As stressful as life is it should be no surprise that one of the most common renovations is to transform an average bathroom into a sanctuary. Add a bidet, a wall jet shower, or even a spa station to your bathroom. BCB Homes can creatively adjust your bathroom layout without knocking down walls.

Additional Rooms

As families grow or life changes, you may discover that a home that was once large enough has now become too small. BCB Homes specializes in just this time of renovation. In the process of creating your addition, we will be very careful to ensure that the space is married well to the rest of the house. It will look as though the addition has always been there when we are done.

Renovations of Condominiums

Renovating a condominium with BCB Homes is a wide decision. We specialize in all types of condo remodeling projects. Allow our team to help you rework your layout, maximize your square footage, and bring your condominium in-line with your preferences.

Additional Adjustments

BCB Homes is able to make a plethora of changes to your luxury home or condominium. From the newest in window and door technology to sky lights, wider doorways, larger rooms, an indoor/outdoor transition, and any other change, we have the skill and knowledge required to make modifications safely and appropriately. When complete, evidence of change will not exist. The new features will blend smoothly with the pre-existing features of the home.

Homeowners considering the top rated remodeling companies in Naples, Florida should give BCB Homes a second look. Secure a meeting time to discuss your desired changes and expectations: (239) 643-1004.

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