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Custom Built Luxury Homes in Florida

BCB Homes has the expertise, capacity, and dedication needed to create custom-built luxury homes worthy of the most elite neighborhoods in Florida. Partner with us to transform the home of your dreams into the home of your future.

Custom Built Luxury Homes in FloridaFor an innovative and collaborative approach to home building in Southwest Florida, BCB Homes is the clear choice. We are well known for the attention to detail, quality approach, and sustainable methods that we bring to the table.

On our website, we present an online gallery of our work for your consideration. The most remarkable estate, waterfront, and luxury homes originate at BCB Homes.

A Proven History of Experience

When a collective of second-generation builders came together to elevate construction standards in the area, BCB Homes was the result. We have been committed to perfecting the quality, customization, and design of every home we build for over three decades.

The pride we have in our home builds is evident in the continued relationships we have with our clients and with our creations throughout the most elite neighborhoods in the country. The connection does not end on move-in day. We offer estate management services, renovation, and remodeling to ensure that the home of your dreams keeps up with changing expectations.

BCB Standards Are Second to None

Craftsmanship and quality are key to BCB Homes’ efforts. Each project has its special team with members from every branch of the building trades. Your team will be led by a dedicated project manager who oversees the work and serves as your point of contact throughout the project.

Even oversight at BCB Homes is top-of-the-line. We utilize a state-of-the-art cloud-based construction management software that provides real-time, transparent status to keep the work flowing and clients updated.

The design and construction measures we employ are similarly superior, and we have awards to prove it. Our homes withstand the tests of time and changing trends, resulting in a stronger structure with healthier interior air, safer features, and sustainable environmental features.

Homes built by BCB Homes are meant to handle the extremes of Florida’s climate. Our standards and techniques resist damage from these elements, from heat to high humidity, sun exposure, heavy rainfall, and high winds.

Luxury and Effortless Custom Home Builds

A BCB Homes client can participate as much or as little as preferred. This project should be exciting and joyful as opposed to a source of stress. We help homeowners integrate their preferences into the home design and follow through with needs after move-in day.

Begin the Home Building Process

To begin planning your custom home design, call BCB Homes. A brainstorming consultation with your team, a visit or two to the BCB Homes Learning Center, and gliding through the online photo gallery will help you define the type of style you like, the features you desire, and other fine details. The BCB Homes Learning Center is an educational facility on site designed to show clients all of their options in person for a more accurate impression.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is seen every step of the way – from concept to creation and beyond. If you want to discuss joining our collection of happy custom-built luxury homes in Florida, reach out and discover the possibilities with a call to BCB Homes at (239) 643-1004.

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