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Discover Luxury Custom Home Builders in Naples, Florida

Life in Naples, Florida, should be marked by luxury, and if you would like to discover just how luxurious it can be, consult with the home builders of BCB Homes. We await the opportunity to demonstrate how glamorous your custom home can be. Experienced professionals in the building trades build our homes and feature your preferred features and materials along with incredible technical innovations.

Discover Luxury Custom Home Builders in Naples, FloridaBCB Homes has deep roots in Southwest Florida. Since 1993, we have elevated the region’s building standards. Our legacy lies in building homes that promote functionality and longevity while embracing personalized design.

We build in a straightforward process that includes accountability, collaboration, and communication. Our relationships with clients continue well after we deliver their homes. Our warranty is unparalleled, and we provide renovation and estate management. Regarding home ownership, BCB Homes can provide a turnkey level of services.

Unique Aspects of BCB Homes

Few home building companies can claim the length of experience we at BCB Homes have. Our history spans over three decades, and we specialize in the luxury, multi-million dollar homes that grace the most elite neighborhoods of Southwest Florida. We can meet and surpass all of your expectations, as the awards, clients, and homes we have achieved over the years demonstrate.

We can construct homes significantly faster than other builders. We have a well-established set of best practices and use technology that promotes efficiency and quality. BCB Homes will produce your custom home in the shortest time possible without sacrificing quality, customization, or structural soundness.

Careful planning goes into every BCB Homes effort. Our clients partner with a Selection Coordinator, and we offer the Learning Center to promote informed decisions. The materials and techniques you have available are varied, so in-person exposure is critical to making selections. The Building Information Modeling (BIM) program also allows us to identify structural or functional problems with the design. It permits homeowners to experience their homes virtually before plans are finalized.

Our team will also infuse your home with energy efficiency, strength, minimal maintenance demands, healthier indoor air, and more. We build with the best products and systems to produce better homes.

Building “green” is nothing new to BCB Homes. We have embraced using energy-efficient appliances, systems, and products for over fifteen years. Your home can contribute to environmental protection, making it stronger, healthier, and cheaper to heat and cool.

We focus on home design that works well within the subtropical environment of Southwest Florida. Factors that we typically include range from concrete and concrete blocks for all exterior features to strategic landscaping on southern and western home facings. By sealing the home and protecting it from water and humidity intrusion, thermal energy loss, sun weathering, and other consequences of exposure, your home will be more comfortable and long-lasting.

Click here or call (239) 643-1004 to discover BCB Homes, the premier luxury custom home builders in Naples, Florida. We will also be happy to receive your call at our other two locations:

  • Boca Grande – (941) 964-1704
  • Sarasota – (941) 330-0800.
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