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New Luxury Home Construction in Seagate, Naples, FL

BCB Homes is the foremost new luxury home construction provider in Seagate, Naples, FL. We have a three-decade history of creating masterpieces throughout Southwest Florida, and we provide the same level of dedication and expertise to every project. Every BCB Homes client deserves a home built to reflect their family’s size, lifestyle, and goals.

The Seagate Life

New Luxury Home Construction in Seagate, Naples, FLSeagate is a quiet, peaceful neighborhood in northern Naples, next to Pelican Bay. It has fewer than 100 homes, a community beach pavilion, and numerous waterfront properties. BCB Homes can help you build your dream home in this community and the other elite neighborhoods.

Luxurious and Eco-friendly Homes

BCB Homes prioritizes structures that speak to the homeowner while also assimilating to the demands of the surrounding climate. Southwest Florida is hot and humid, with frequent rains and high winds. For a home to thrive in this environment, experts must build the exterior of the home and the systems within it with the climate in mind. BCB Homes uses our Points of Construction program to ensure this mindfulness rules our design process. 

Green buildings are not new to us either. For over 15 years, we have been creating homes with environmentally appropriate materials and systems in mind. From energy-efficient appliances to impact-resistant window panes, advanced HVAC systems, pool pumps, and landscaping choices to increase shade, the components of our home designs come together in a way that is good for the planet, not to mention your utility costs.

We encourage you to visit the BCB Homes Learning Center, where we display and present materials, systems, and techniques to make informed design decisions. The Selections Coordinator on your project’s team will also help you as you narrow down your options to elements that will check off all of your boxes.

When complete, our homes provide greater energy efficiency, healthier indoor air, and a stronger structure that can withstand storms, sun exposure, and elevated moisture.

Rely on the Excellence of BCB Homes

An award-winning, proven builder of luxury and custom homes, BCB Homes has been recognized repeatedly for the quality of our construction efforts. We provide construction, renovation, and estate management services. 

The BCB Homes online gallery can be quite beneficial, providing a glimpse into the beauty of our prior work. Detailed planning and thorough project management are the keystones of our work. In addition to providing the Learning Center for informed planning, we also utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to analyze a 3-D representation of the plans and identify any issues as soon as possible. 

BCB Homes will supply a team dedicated to your project from the beginning. Led by an Executive in Charge, this team will also include the following members:

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Selections Coordinator
  • Field Manager
  • Superintendent

As we build your home, we provide access to the Portal, a cloud-based construction management program that lets clients check in remotely at any time on the status of their home building or remodeling projects. 

Click here to see if new luxury home construction in Seagate, Naples, FL, interests you. BCB Homes has the capacity and commitment to translate your visions of a dream home into reality. 

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