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Design-Build Firms for Your Luxury Custom Home in Boca Grande, Florida

As one of the best design-build firms in Boca Grande and Southwest Florida, BCB Homes works as a team from the beginning of your luxury custom home project, which leads to collaborative problem-solving and innovation.

Design-Build Firms for Your Luxury Custom Home in Boca Grande, FloridaBCB Homes provides brand-new construction, renovation, and estate management for homeowners. We have three locations for your convenience – in Naples, Boca Grande, and Sarasota.

Build With the Right Team

The team you choose to build your custom home will be the key factor in the success of your home build. BCB Homes will provide you with a team from the very initial meeting that will serve you for the entirety of your project:

  • Executive in Charge
  • Project Manager
  • Field Supervisor
  • Selections Coordinator.

With these professionals by your side, the home build project will stay on course and in-line with your preferences from concept to move-in and beyond.

The project manager is an indispensable part of your team. They will provide a continual point of contact throughout the build. We use a cloud-based construction management software that provides constant status updates – remotely, 24/7. With open communication, the anxiety of the unknown vanishes. This one factor makes your home build experience exponentially more joyful.

The standards at BCB Homes are second-to-none. We began 30 years ago with the mission of elevating the building standards of the region, and we strive to continue that mission year after year. We are proud to be an award-winning, masterpiece-creating home builder.

The magic of a custom home is that it’s all your own. The Selections Coordinator and the BCB Homes Learning Center work together to inform clients about available features, materials, home systems, and technology. We want you to love your home, so the more you understand about the decisions you have to make, the better.

As you contemplate building your own home, take some time to consider the features available. Prioritize what you love; identify what you loathe. Going into the project with ideas of the style and features you love can also help you identify builders who are capable of producing the level of home that you want. BCB Homes has a strong history of building multi-million dollar homes.

Navigate your way to our online photo gallery to virtually tour some of our creations. We will also be happy to arrange for a tour of a few of our homes. The experience that you have with us will be continuous from beginning to end. We will not begin the process and then contract out your project to someone else.

The processes that we use result in homes that stand strong against the challenges that the climate throws at them for greater durability, healthier indoor air, easier maintenance, and increased energy efficiency.

When selecting a home builder, reassurance about their performance is critical. The relationship you have with BCB Homes will continue beyond move-in day. Our warranty is without comparison, and the follow-through is completely coordinated and comprehensive.

Reach out today to explore how we can make your experience joyful as we provide comprehensive service as the best of the design-build firms for your luxury custom home in Boca Grande, Florida. Click here to contact us online, or call our local office at (941) 964-1704.

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