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Custom Luxury Home Builders In Lido Key, Sarasota, Florida

Create your ideal residence with the best custom luxury home builders in Lido Key, Sarasota, Florida: BCB Homes. The art and science of building come together in every project we pursue. Allow your home to be our next masterpiece.

Who We Are: BCB Homes

Custom Luxury Home Builders In Lido Key, Sarasota, FloridaThe foremost, best crafter of luxury residences in Southwest Florida, BCB Homes utilizes technology and time-honored craftsmanship with world-class results. Our more than thirty years in the building sphere have produced countless beautiful custom homes. 

BCB Homes is the right choice whether you want to build a new home, remodel an existing one, or take advantage of estate management services.

Custom Home Construction

Homeowners will need to choose between constructing a home from the ground up and remodeling one that already exists. This choice comes down to a few factors, with time being the most influential. With BCB Homes, you can make this choice and be happy with it. Our processes ensure that clients have no regrets and only complete satisfaction with their homes.

The Where of It All

Where you live matters. If you love the location of your current home or you find an existing home with an ideal location, renovation may be right for you. However, if you want to scout the area and the community and choose the home’s physical orientation and the view, choose to construct a new home.

Attention to Detail

When you choose to build a custom home, you drive the design. Every material, feature, and architectural decision will be yours. Explore all of the options at the BCB Homes Learning Center to ensure you make these decisions with all the information possible.

Open vs. Closed Layout

Remodeling can make adjustments to a home’s layout, but the choices can be limited. With a new construction, the layout is yours to define. How many rooms, how open the home is, whether you have an indoor-outdoor concept – all of these decisions are yours, adding another level to the idea of ownership.

The BCB Homes Promise

The warranty that comes with our homes is second to none. We stand behind our work with an incredible warranty that will provide you with all the peace of mind you want.

A Green Luxury Home

Long before environmentally friendly construction was popular, it was our practice. The same practices that increase sustainability and limit greenhouse gases also benefit your home’s structural soundness and air quality. From concrete exteriors to strategic landscaping, energy-efficient appliances and systems, direct insulation application, and more, we make construction choices designed to produce a home that withstands and thrives within the climate of Southwestern Florida.

Communication – Consistently

A lack of communication is the main contributor to stress during home construction. We provide a dedicated project manager to serve as a point of contact and a portal through which you can find a status update at any time from anywhere with an internet connection.

For the premier custom luxury home builders for your home in Lido Key, turn to Sarasota, Florida’s own BCB Homes. Click here or call (941) 330-0800 to get the ball rolling on your new construction or renovation project. We also have offices in Boca Grande [(941) 964-1704] and Naples [(239) 643-1004] for your convenience. 

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