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Custom Home Design and Build in Sarasota, FL

Choose BCB Homes as a partner in your custom home creation in Sarasota, FL, from design to build and beyond. For over thirty years, we have worked to elevate the building standards of Southwest Florida. 

Custom Home Design and Build in Sarasota, FLBCB Homes is the foremost builder in the region. We are known for our commitment to quality work, clear communication, customization opportunities, and a world-class warranty. We specialize in the construction, renovation, and management of the most remarkable homes in the most elite communities of Southwest Florida.

Elements to Consider When Building a Custom Home

The experience of building a custom home should be analogous to the pregnancy and birth experience. You can and should play a significant role in every step of the process. Being unfamiliar with the process, you need professional builders who are comfortable partnering with you throughout the project.

Consider the Budget

Before listing all of the essential features you need in your dream home, consider how much you want to spend. How much are you comfortable taking out of your savings? What is your borrowing power for a construction loan? The team at BCB Homes specializes in creating multi-million dollar homes, and we can help you get the most luxury, glamour, and personalization for every dollar you plan to spend.

Locate the Build Site

Discovering the ideal place to build your home is as important as the design of the actual house. The community and its amenities, the neighborhood rules, the views available from the property, and various other factors will influence this decision. We at BCB Homes can help in this regard and offer move-in-ready homes for your consideration.

Determine Your Preferred Level of Involvement

BCB Homes will be happy to accommodate your preferences regarding the level of involvement in planning and building your home. Our teams are familiar with collaborating with the clients personally as well as their design professionals. Each project has its own dedicated team. At the head of the team is an Executive in Charge, but the team also includes a Project Manager, Selections Coordinator, Field Supervisor, and Superintendent. With the help of the Selections Coordinator, the education gleaned from the BCB Homes Learning Center, and the virtual “walk-through” through BIM (Building Information Modeling) software, your home will be as close to your vision as possible.

Your choices will drive the design, but we will also be sure to point out potential problems and maximize the space’s soundness and functionality.

Select the Best Builder

The right builder for your custom home should be one who can manage your project from conceptualization to move-in. BCB Homes offers experienced engineers, architects, contractors, project managers, and more professional expertise.

We encourage potential clients to browse our online galleries, speak to our clients, tour our homes, and review our reputation online and within the community. Do not underestimate the importance of choosing a builder who is proven, has a good reputation, and has all the necessary insurance and licenses. We are a team of general contractors licensed by the state of Florida, and our standards exceed those mandated by regulatory agencies.

Click here or call (941) 330-0800 to design and build a custom home in Sarasota, FL, with the elegance and expertise of the professionals here at BCB Homes.

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