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Custom Home Builder for Luxury Waterfront Homes in Naples, Florida

BCB Homes is the leading custom home builder of luxury waterfront homes in Naples, Florida, for many reasons. We bring an established history, management expertise, and proven skills to fulfill the wishes of any property owner. Our successes indicate to future homeowners that we are the right builder for their homes. 

Custom Home Builder for Luxury Waterfront Homes in Naples, FloridaProfessional builders like those of BCB Homes bring some of the most structurally sound and customized residences to the country’s elite neighborhoods. We have experience in meeting and surpassing the demands of property owners who have the means to build wherever they like, including waterfront properties along the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Over the past 30 years, BCB Homes has contributed construction efforts based on incredible artistry, high-quality materials, and advanced technology. Our constructions are veritable masterpieces that weather the stresses of Southwest Florida’s environment year after year. 

BCB Homes promotes customization, green building, and elevated building standards.

From the beginning, we use a collaborative plan to pinpoint every planning detail, modeling technology to ensure no defects in the plan exist, and clear communication and expert builders to produce multi-million dollar homes.

Custom Luxury Home Builds

Choosing to build a home from the ground up gives homeowners total control over the view, layout, and features of their home. This process requires a more significant investment of time and money, but if you have the patience and the desire for a home that’s truly yours, the process is worth the wait – especially when BCB Homes is the builder. 

BCB Homes uses only the finest materials, systems, and techniques to produce homes that are made to perform energy efficiently amidst the extremes of the Southwest Florida environment.

The severe weather, heavy rainfall, sun exposure, and high winds test structures in Southwest Florida. We offer durability, healthier indoor air, and better maintenance processes through practices like installing concrete exteriors, energy efficient appliances, strategic landscaping, and upgraded windows and doors.

We help homeowners with an array of needs through our estate management service. Our building process is streamlined, coordinated to ensure that the process goes forward correctly. Once the project is done and homeowners move in, our relationship will not end. 

Custom Home Renovations and Additions

Renovating an existing home is a better option for homeowners who love their location or for homebuyers who find a great location and a home with excellent bones but dislike some features. BCB Homes will renovate your home in a manner that will align it with your needs and preferences.

BCB Homes is familiar with projects of significant scope. You will have your choice of features, materials, and technologies. We offer the BCB Homes Learning Center to ensure that our clients’ choices are made with a complete understanding of the available options. 

We also provide full communication. A dedicated project manager and cloud-based construction management software allow clients to communicate whenever they have questions or requests and to check in for updates remotely, 24/7.

In Naples, Florida, luxury waterfront homes are as close as the best custom home builder and renovator: BCB Homes. Reach out by phone at (239) 643-1004 or click here to discover more about our process. 

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