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Luxury Remodelers Sanibel, Florida

Does your Sanibel, Florida home need the services of luxury remodelers like BCB Homes? We provide remodeling services to increase storage, bedroom capacity, kitchen function, luxury, and more. Allow the specialists at BCB Homes to bring dedication and expertise to your home remodel. 

Luxury Remodelers Sanibel, FloridaAs the premier builder, remodeler, and estate manager in Southwest Florida, BCB Homes offers decades of experience, dedication to high building standards, and an ideal blend of traditional construction methods and advanced technology. 

BCB Homes is familiar with a wide range of projects. Whether you seek small or large changes, we have first-hand experience and education to guide you through the design, identify potential problems, and provide a thorough education regarding available materials, techniques, and systems. 

Some of the most common renovation projects we undertake include:

  • Entire condo renovations
  • Kitchen and bathroom renovations
  • Roof repair and replacement
  • Upgrade windows and sliding glass doors
  • Upgrade air quality and air conditioning systems.

We also regularly build seamless additions to luxury homes. The most commonly chosen additions include:

  • Bedrooms, home offices, bathrooms, etc.
  • Guest house
  • Second story expansions
  • Pool and spa
  • Outdoor kitchens and other designated outdoor zones
  • Solar systems
  • Additional garages

The homes we build are designed to weather the tests of time and exposure. Southwest Florida’s climate is hard on structures. The humidity, frequent storms, high winds, heavy rains, and intense sun exposure all put building materials to the test, so we employ the best materials and techniques to implement a robust building envelope. Concrete-constructed exteriors, energy efficient systems and materials, and strategic landscaping provide long-lasting results, better indoor air quality, lower utility costs, and more easily maintained systems.

Experienced Design and Implementation

The building professionals of BCB Homes offer an incredible bench filled with experienced and educated specialists across the spectrum of the building trades. From the idea phase to move-in day, partner with our team for a complete, well-planned result that will fit within your desired concept and the most prestigious neighborhoods of Southwest Florida.

The various awards we have earned, the numerous homes we have built and remodeled, and our remodeling gallery stand as evidence of the quality of our work. 

Straightforward, Anxiety-Reducing Communication Processes

Remodeling jobs often leave homeowners anxious and stressed, unsure of the status, schedule, and budget. Open communication and appropriate oversight resolve these problems. 

We achieve these goals through two measures. Our cloud-based construction management software lets clients remotely access status updates from anywhere and anytime. These regular updates provide clients peace of mind throughout the project.

A dedicated Project Manager leads every project team at BCB Homes. Oversight and management from this leader will keep your home remodel in line with the planned budget and timeline. This person also serves as your point of contact. 

When the time comes to find luxury remodelers for your home in Sanibel, Florida, rely on BCB Homes to bring your vision to reality. Our clients deserve the dedication to perfection that we bring to our work. Explore all of the potential your home has to offer by calling (239) 643-1004 or clicking here to contact us online.

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