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Upscale Remodeling Sarasota, Florida

Upscale remodeling projects for your Sarasota, Florida home can be the solution when you love the location of your home but have grown beyond its size or style. BCB Homes has a long history of excellent workmanship and three locations in Southwest Florida, in Boca Grande, Naples, and Sarasota communities.

About BCB Homes

Upscale Remodeling Sarasota, FloridaFounded in 1993, BCB Homes is the brainchild of second-generation builders who desire to elevate the building standards of Southwest Florida. We blend classic craftsmanship, advanced technology, and quality materials to produce outstanding results. 

Our wheelhouse encompasses the building trades, and we provide custom home building, renovations, and estate management services. The most elite communities of the area feature BCB Homes’ masterpieces. You can also browse our online construction and renovation photo galleries to gain an impression of our commitment to style and quality. 

BCB Homes, a luxury remodeler, brings a team of experts to every project. From design to completion, our client’s home and satisfaction are the priorities, and we fulfill these standards by following an established set of long-term best practices. 

What to Expect When Renovating with BCB Homes

Conceptual Understanding

BCB Homes will begin with consultations and on-site meetings to understand the changes you seek and any challenges those changes may face. This collaborative approach allows for a comprehensive approach to home remodeling that includes consideration of goals, additions, changes, and budgetary factors. 

Architectural and Design Plans

BCB Homes clients’ homes are transformed based on thoughtfully and thoroughly crafted architectural and design plans. Each project team includes experts from every sector of the building trades. We prioritize mastering the coordination of form and function, focusing on meeting client preferences and making the renovations or additions seamless to the original home. 

True-to-Budget Results

When BCB Homes clients anticipate the result of renovation plans, they do not expect the costs to exceed the budgeted amount. As experienced builders and renovators, we can accurately project the cost of materials and strive to mitigate the risk of price increases. 

Well-Managed Project Completion

A dedicated project manager will lead your team of experts from the very beginning. This professional offers a point of contact, supervision, and management for the entire project. With the myriad of processes and specialists working on the job, this level of supervision and coordination is essential. 

Clear, Timely Communication

During renovations, homeowners who trust BCB Homes will experience less stress and anxiety about their homes because we always keep clients in the loop. As you travel, work, or relax, you can check in on the progress remotely, in real-time, through the cloud-based construction management software to which we provide access. 

Follow-Through for All Clients

BCB Homes is a luxury remodeler and builder, and we provide the level of warranty one would expect from such. Our clients receive complete satisfaction, always, because we do whatever is required to make it so. In addition, we offer estate management services to make home ownership and maintenance requirements easy. 

For upscale remodeling in Sarasota, Florida, rely on BCB Homes, operating out of our Sarasota location. The BCB Homes commitment to client satisfaction and home quality is without comparison, and we welcome your call to discuss your home transformation dreams: (941) 330-0800.

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