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Remodeling Contractors for Luxury Room Additions in Naples, FL

Are thoughts of moving to a larger home causing you stress and regret because you love your property? Instead of moving, choose to hire BCB Homes, the best remodeling contractors in Naples, FL, for luxury room additions. You will be able to remain in the home you love, adapted to better suit your family, lifestyle, and preferences.

Established over thirty years ago with a goal of elevating the building standards of Southwest Florida, BCB Homes prioritizes expertise, technical advancement, masterful craftsmanship, custom designs, and precise focus on detail.

Remodeling Contractors for Luxury Room Additions in Naples, FLOur efforts and commitment to quality have been recognized numerous times with awards and honors. We host an online gallery for homeowners to view our past renovation work as well. 

The Potential to Upgrade Your Home with Luxurious Additions

While an addition obviously provides more space, this advantage is not the sole reason for pursuing home additions. Various other advantages can result from this pursuit whether you would prefer direct access to a different section of the property, purpose-driven rooms for particular activities, or a redesigned layout that reworks the entire home’s functionality.

Allow our team to walk you through your family’s lifestyle and goals with an eye toward the home as it exists and the budget you have defined as you work toward developing a renovation plan.

A home addition can transform the way that you look at your home, helping relight the spark that you once had for your home. 


Incorporating additional bedroom space is clearly one of the most common renovations that we undertake. Whether you have welcomed additional children into the family, began caring for an ailing parent, or simply desire more guest space for welcoming visitors, count on BCB Homes to design and implement an appropriate addition construction plan.


You deserve a closet worthy of your clothes collection, and your kitchen deserves a special place for storing your family’s food items to keep the clutter out of the kitchen proper. BCB Homes will step in and design the closet of your dreams with spacious areas for hanging, shelves for display of purses and shoes, an island for jewelry organization and easy access, and all of the other special features you desire.


If you plan to add a bedroom, pair that addition with an extra bathroom. Your guests will appreciate the privacy and luxury of a suite rather than having to share with others. You may also consider adding a half bath in common areas for convenience while entertaining.


A mud room of a home fulfills a particular function, and the name implies what it is. These spaces have been particularly valuable during COVID, allowing residents to wash up before entering their homes and mingling with family members.


Having too many cooks in the kitchen invariably causes conflict, but with the addition of an in-law suite, you can welcome multiple generations into your home without causing war.

Convenient and Non-Disruptive Additions

Adding onto your home should not be an experience that is stressful and seemingly unending. A BCB Homes renovation project is overseen by a dedicated project manager and includes access to cloud-based construction management software for constant, remote transparency.

Homeowners who plan to arrange for luxury room additions in Naples, FL, should look to BCB Homes, the best remodeling contractors for the job. Bring us your requests, and then watch as we bring them to life. Begin today by contacting us online or calling (239) 643-1004.

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