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Remodeling Companies Boca Grande, Florida

Turning the home you have into the home you want becomes possible with the expertise and craftsmanship of the best remodeling companies in Boca Grande, Florida, BCB Homes.

Remodeling Companies Boca Grande, FloridaWe at BCB Homes have crafted, renovated, and managed some of the most beautiful waterfront and estate homes in Southwest Florida for thirty years. We have been, and we currently are, one of the foremost builders in the area.

Many of the renovation projects we undertake are significant. Our clients entrust us with their homes, and we endeavor to surpass all expectations. The experience, artistry, and cutting-edge techniques we bring to the table provide a sound, beautiful, and functional result.

Over the years, BCB Homes has been honored with numerous awards in recognition of the quality of our renovation and custom home build projects.

Potential clients can also review examples of our previous work posted here on the website within our Remodeling Galleries.

With building know-how and an artistic eye for detail, BCB Homes’ completion of renovations will appear as if nothing was ever changed. The structure will be cohesively designed and seamlessly remodeled with your desired additions, adjustments, and upgrades.

The window upgrade, bedroom addition, incorporation of natural light, bidet addition, or any other modification you would like to see in your home can be incorporated expertly through BCB Homes.

The Most Typical Renovations Completed

Consider the following common renovations we provide:

  • Whole Condominium Renovation
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation
  • Roof Repair and Replacement
  • Upgrade Windows and Sliding Glass Doors
  • Upgrade Air Quality and Air Conditioning Systems

Kitchen trends change so frequently that the room needs renovation more often than other rooms of the home. Living areas and bedrooms usually need a coat of paint every few years, but the kitchen is different. Not only does the popular aesthetic of kitchens change with the tides, but the room often gets more regular use than other areas of the home.

Updating the bathrooms of older homes is another popular renovation project. Incorporating a spa experience into a bathroom adds luxury, value, and beauty to any home. BCB Homes is generally able to reconfigure bathroom spaces without making adjustments to the room’s size.

Just as hunters enjoy displaying their big game kills, shoppers display and store their favorite items in a fashion worthy of them. The closet has become a major object of renovation. BCB Homes can provide the entire retail store/closet experience with an appropriate space for their elegant clothing, shoes, and bags.

As you make the list of home elements worthy of a makeover, remember the outdoor living areas of your property. Being exposed to weather, these areas may require renovations sooner than interior spaces. Our clients tend to take advantage of the beauty of Southwest Florida, spending a great deal of time outdoors. Elevate this time spent enjoying family, entertaining, and simply relaxing with water and fire features, an outdoor television, and comfortable outdoor seating.

Additional upgrades that BCB Homes provides have nothing to do with aesthetics but everything to do with comfort and sustainability. Consider upgrading your sliding doors and windows, as well as your HVAC system, to remain comfortable during the hottest parts of the year while lessening your carbon footprint.

Of all the remodeling companies in Boca Grande, Florida, BCB Homes produces results that will transform your current home into the home for which you have longed. Explore how our efforts can add prestige, quality, and beauty to your home by calling (239) 643-1004.

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