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Luxury Remodelers Southwest Florida

BCB Homes, the primary luxury remodelers of Southwest Florida, will bring longer and more abundant life to your home. We serve families of all types to meet the different needs of all. 

The reputation of BCB Homes promises high standards, excellent quality, and dedication to excellence. Various awards over the years indicate a continued commitment to these high standards, and they reflect successful experiences building custom homes, providing renovations and additions, and offering estate management services.

Luxury Remodelers Southwest FloridaIn 1993, BCB Homes began when a group of second-generation builders partnered to elevate the area’s building standards. Blending time-proven construction methods with advanced techniques, our processes produce homes that withstand the tests of time and exposure and perfectly suit the most elite neighborhoods in the country.

Adding masterpiece homes to Southwest Florida is the mission of BCB Homes. Regardless of the scope of the changes you desire, we can provide them per your budget, schedule, and expectations.

Create Spaces Optimized for Functionality

Home remodels should not be trend-chasing ventures. Functionality should be the goal; seeking what works with your family’s lifestyle can go hand-in-hand with style and design. BCB Homes approaches each project with the goal of seamless results down to the last detail.

One change that might seem like a trend but is here to stay is incorporating natural light and a transitional stage between indoors and outdoors, especially in a subtropical climate like ours in Southwest Florida. The outdoor environment is a key reason to live here, and your home should reflect that.

Two spaces that most frequently need to be updated include the kitchen and the bathroom. Bringing these two rooms current can have an incredible effect on your home’s curb appeal and value.

Kitchens are critical rooms in all homes. As families prepare meals or grab a snack, they frequently catch up with one another and build memories and bonds. Your kitchen should be the place you feel most at home within your home when you follow this rule of thought. For others, entertaining is a priority, and an impressive kitchen is more desirable than warmth and comfort. 

If you cook frequently using different methods, prepare for this habit when you plan. Choosing beautiful cabinets, countertops, and wall and floor materials accompanied by energy efficient appliances is enough for other renovations.

The other room that is most commonly renovated is the bathroom. We can often elevate this space without changing the layout or square footage, but we can expand the space to include the desired features. Commonly chosen bathroom features include double sinks, a separate walk-in shower/soak-in bathtub, and a bidet. High-end materials and thoughtful design will transform your bathroom into a spa-worthy space.

BCB Homes will always ensure that our homes include appropriate plans, materials, and systems for long-lasting results. We also employ Building Information Modeling technology to ensure that no defect goes unforeseen in your home’s plans before the remodeling efforts get underway.

Remodeling luxury homes in Southwest Florida should rely on the remodelers of BCB Homes. We are the leading choice for many reasons, and we encourage you to check out our online gallery and reach out to discuss how your home can be improved to fit your family’s expectations and needs. Contact us today by calling (239) 643-1004 or following this link.

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