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Luxury Home Remodeling in Boca Grande

Find remodeling services worthy of your luxury home in Boca Grande with BCB Homes. We prioritize client satisfaction and require the best of ourselves daily to produce a final product that mirrors clients’ dream home visions.

Luxury Home Remodeling in Boca GrandeUpgrading your home is investing in your most significant asset and your lifestyle. This level of investment deserves the best, which is what we offer. Clients come first, and we provide nothing less than world-class service and results. 

Allow the experts at BCB Homes to suggest five upgrades that will add luxury to your living and value to your home.

“Green” Upgrades

Adding eco-friendly upgrades to your home benefits your health, the planet, budget, and reputation. As technology in this arena has improved, so have the methods for achieving a lower carbon footprint in your residential features. 

Energy-efficient, high-impact windows and doors stabilize indoor temperatures and reduce the need for HVAC systems. With smart window tech, you can adjust the light allowed to enter the home.

For heating and cooling tech, you may also go solar or geothermal. These options are much more environmentally responsible than traditional methods. Fresh “green” insulation, low-VOC paints, and energy-efficient appliances are excellent options for a remodel that will significantly increase your eco-credibility. 

Modernized Kitchen

When renovations occur, they usually include the kitchen, which receives the most use and attention. Upgrades to the floor, cabinets, countertops, and appliances can transform the room. A modernized kitchen will have smooth surfaces, clear lines, and seamless joints. 

The technology used in the kitchen can also be upgraded. Consider adjusting the lighting, upgrading outlets and charging options, and networking your kitchen into a smart home design.

Personalized Luxury Spaces

Luxurious features may include spaces designed around your preferred indulgences. A spa, bar, movie room, champagne/wine room, music room, or library could be the key to your luxury space. 

Spa-Worthy Bathroom Upgrades

Walk-in and steam showers, soaking tubs, heated flooring, and a sauna will elevate your bathroom to a spa-worthy experience. 

Upgraded Interior Air Health

When considering all the delightful upgrades available for your remodeling plan, you may overlook functional aspects like interior air. An upgraded HVAC system with today’s technology can remove dander, mites, smoke, pollen, and dust from the air. The results are a cleaner home with healthier air and a household with fewer respiratory ailments.

Partner with BCB Homes

BCB Homes’s history includes hundreds of successfully built and renovated luxury homes throughout the most elite communities of Southwest Florida. We offer construction, renovation, and estate management services, partnering with clients from design to household management, upgrades, and care. 

Luxury home remodeling from BCB Homes is the key to transforming your Boca Grande residence. Click here or reach out today at (941) 964-1704 for references, a consultation appointment, or more information. You can also contact our other two locations: Naples: (239) 643-1004 or Sarasota: (941) 330-0800.

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