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Luxury Home Remodel Ideas

Looking for inspiration and ideas for a remodel of your luxury home? BCB Homes’ remodeling galleries will provide you with insight into some of the most beautiful residential upgrades possible. Not only do we provide these ideas, but we can also fulfill them. 

Luxury Home Remodel IdeasBring a dated home into a more current style, personalize a home that you recently purchased, or prepare a condominium to meet all of your luxurious expectations. BCB Homes has the capacity to meet all of your custom home build, renovation, and estate management needs.

For three-plus decades, we have created masterpiece residences in Southwest Florida. Our legacy of construction perfection and homeowner satisfaction is one in which we take great pride. 

Luxury Ideas for Your Remodeling Project

A home remodel can add value to your home as well as the life that you live within it. A few high-end features can make the difference between a sufficient home and a true gem. As you choose among all of the options, allow our team to help create a design that speaks to the way you live and the design that you love.

Elevated Kitchen Design

A kitchen remodel can provide an immediate return of investment greater than 80%. From incorporating the finest quality counters and cabinets to investing in high-end appliances and impressive features, the upgrades possible for your kitchen are numerous. The BCB Homes Learning Center is a terrific resource to help as you make decisions regarding the kitchen of your dreams.

With smart-home technology, many homeowners are making kitchens more than the hub of family activity; they are becoming the hub of the room’s technological controls, a command central of sorts. 

Upgraded Bathroom Retreat

The bathroom of a home is the next most likely space to require renovation. Investing in a refuge and spa within your home offers incredible luxury. Whether you would like to enhance the room within its current square footage or would like to adjust the home configuration to make the room a bigger space, BCB Homes can meet your needs.

Home Sauna 

Incorporate a home sauna into a design for all of the physical and mental health benefits. Spending time in a sauna improves cardiovascular, vascular, and skin health while also reducing anxiety and stress. This addition is surprisingly simple to install near the main bedroom, the basement, or even as an exterior space. 

Exterior Entertainment Area

We are fortunate indeed to live in one of the most beautiful environments in the world, and it is truly a shame if your home’s exterior spaces do not allow for the enjoyment of it. Allow BCB Homes to add special features that will make the space welcoming and luxurious – an outdoor kitchen, hot tub, dining space, and more. Fire and water features are especially appealing. 

Workout Center

A home gym is a convenient addition to your home that will allow you to remain active and fit even when obligations limit your ability to make it to a public fitness center. For this purpose, you can use an extra bedroom; garage, basement, or attic space; or a home addition. A personal fitness center within your home can be personalized for your own fitness needs and workout preferences in addition to a design style that you find appealing. 

Wine Storage Room

A storage room for wine needs to be designed specifically for the collection of wine. The space should be one with stable, cool temperatures, but it should also include a space designed for sitting, sipping, and displaying choice bottles. 

For the fulfillment of all your ideas for your luxury home remodel, call on BCB Homes at our office in Naples at (239) 643-1004, Boca Grande at (941) 964-1704, or Sarasota at (941) 330-0800, or click here to contact us online.

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