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Home Additions in Port Royal, Naples, Florida

As your family and interests expand, BCB Homes will incorporate seamless home additions to your home in Port Royal, Naples, Florida.

Home Additions in Port Royal, Naples, FloridaThe primary mission of BCB Homes is to enhance the buildings of Southwest Florida with advanced construction measures, high-quality materials, and innovative design. We bring an unparalleled dedication to standards and value to every project we take on.

During the decades of BCB Homes’ operations, we have earned a reputation for excellence. Numerous awards throughout the years in recognition of our standards and the remodeling galleries on our website serve as evidence of the outstanding results we produce.

BCB Homes’ Popular Home Additions

  • Home Offices
  • Additional Bedrooms
  • Additional Bathrooms
  • Guest House
  • Second Story Expansion
  • Pool and/or spa
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Solar Power System
  • Additional garages

The Choice of Contractor

When planning a home addition, the wealth of available contractors may just overwhelm you. BCB Homes comes to every project with commitment and expertise across every segment of the building trades.

Quality workmanship, design, and cutting edge techniques come together in our Points of Construction Program, which we use to make sure that the homes we build are personalized, sound, healthy, and durable.

Each project has a team of professionals in charge of design and build, and we employ the most advanced techniques and highest quality materials to make sure that every addition is incorporated seamlessly.

Throughout your project, a dedicated project manager will oversee the progress. This person will also serve as your point of contact and communication in order to minimize any stress during your renovation.

Make the Additional Space Luxurious

A home addition should seem so natural to the original home that one might think it suddenly sprang forth from the ground overnight as a previously unseen portion of the home. The luxury of your home should also be reflected in the addition.

Include Spa-Worthy Bathrooms and Chef-Worthy Kitchens

As you design your addition, make the new bathrooms spacious and include the wall showers, saunas, massage space, and other features that will transform a simple bathroom into a glamorous space to relax and pamper oneself.

Whether you’re building a guest house with a full kitchen or an outdoor kitchen, make sure that the results are appropriate for your luxurious home. Refrain from half measures or sacrificing your preferences.

Provide Yourself Healthier Indoor Air

Updating a home with a complete addition should include the most current filtration methods from the HVAC system to the ductwork and beyond. With an advanced system, your home can offer consistently clean and healthy air.

When the time comes for a home upgrade, consider the entire scope of your family and its needs. BCB Homes is here to provide a full transformation that meets the desires of your heart while keeping within the rules of the community wherein you live.

Perfect the Layout with Professional Oversight

The Internet is filled with evidence of poorly designed homes. Renovations and additions can be prime time for these mistakes to slip in without being recognized. Choose a premiere builder like BCB Homes to prevent these slip-ups.

For home additions that surpass your expectations in Port Royal, Naples, Florida, look no further than BCB Homes. Our capacity for renovation success is not limited by a lack of technique or experience. Discover more about the difference we can make by reaching out online or calling (239) 643-1004.

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