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High-End Bathroom Renovations in Port Royal, Naples, Florida

Incorporating high-end bathroom renovations in your home in Port Royal, Naples, Florida, will enhance your home’s value and your love of the space. BCB Homes is the leading provider of new luxury home construction and renovations, so when you decide the time has come to explore renovations, allow us to provide efforts worthy of your greatest asset.

Elevated Bathroom Renovations

High-End Bathroom Renovations in Port Royal, Naples, FloridaA high-end bathroom should be a place of luxury, tranquility, and indulgence. Let the team at BCB Homes describe a few of the more commonly chosen enhancements to spark your own ideas.

The Most Incredible Shower Space

Picture the sheer bliss of a shower experience made possible by a unit with dual waterfall showerheads, a large shower area, and a full-length bench. Elevate your daily shower from a simple task to an experience that will soothe muscles after a workout and clear your mind from stress or anxiety. 

Integrate an Indoor/Outdoor Bathroom Design

The indoor/outdoor home scheme built into your bathroom is a great way to fully enjoy the beauty of Southwest Florida. To create continuity, include an exterior wall or glass door and allow the tile floor to continue into both spaces. Our team will happily consider your existing space and design solutions to incorporate features to provide privacy and connection.

Reimagine Wall Finishes, Cabinetry, and Backsplashes

Current trends in bathroom design range depending on your aesthetic style preferences. Elevated floating cabinetry, shiplap wall finishes, mosaic backsplash designs, and modern farmhouse style are popular design choices for today’s high-end bathrooms.

Incorporate a Thoughtfully Designed Lighting System

Lighting systems should include ambient, task, and accent lighting. Adjustable lighting for the shower is helpful in a bathroom, and white light is also essential. Carefully position accent lighting to enhance the unique design features you incorporate into your bathroom. 

Add a Stand-Alone Tub

A free-standing clawfoot tub is the epitome of bathroom luxury. The aesthetic value alone makes it worth inclusion into your bathroom design. Add structure and definition to your bathroom with a stand-alone bathtub, and enjoy bonus points when you include exaggerated faucets and lighting.

Luxuriate in a Double Shower

A double shower provides space and separation for storage, drying, and even taking in the steam of a nice hot shower for sinus relief. This design offers extra space for showering, and benching for relaxation is also included. 

Select BCB Homes for Renovation Projects

Since 1993, BCB Homes has elevated the homes of Southwest Florida by building from the ground up and renovating existing homes. We bring experience, high standards, communication, customization facilitation, and more to every project. We encourage you to view our remodeling gallery for evidence of our skill and inspiration for your home.

BCB Homes will incorporate fresh ideas, fine materials, and expert-level craftsmanship into your home. Fall in love again with your dream home once we have made it over anew.

Craft a refuge, showplace, and genuine home that will have maximum financial and lifestyle value by implementing high-end bathroom renovations in your Port Royal, Naples, Florida, home. Click here or call (239) 643-1004; you can also contact our offices in Boca Grande or Sarasota at (941) 964-1704 or (941) 330-0800, respectively.

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