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Best Luxury Home Remodelers in Florida

Select only the best luxury home remodelers for updates to your home in Florida. Renovations performed by BCB Homes will add to the value of your home and renew the spark of passion you once had for your abode. Instead of moving or building a new home, stay in the neighborhood that you love and transform your current home.

Best Luxury Home Remodelers in FloridaAs the premier custom home builder, remodeler, and estate manager of Florida, BCB Homes has elevated the building standards of the area since our founding in 1993. Our remodeling sector is committed to helping clients enjoy their homes as they choose with results that are seamless and perfectly suited to the existing structure.

BCB Homes brings expertise and precision to all of our projects. The goal of our remodeling department is to integrate your vision with structural upgrades and a seamless design. All projects prioritize safety, longevity, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. 

We specialize in a wide range of renovations and remodeling projects including all of the following:

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations
  • Master Bedroom Suites
  • Room Additions
  • Second Story Expansions
  • Outdoor Living Areas
  • Upgrading Windows and Sliding Glass Doors
  • Upgrading Air Quality and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Pools and Spas
  • Roof Repair and Replacement
  • Whole Condominium Renovation

Throughout remodeling projects, BCB Homes’ teams offer consummate communication and skill. Regardless of the scope of the plan, we can help you update your entire home, from the interior to the exterior. We are accustomed to working with clients themselves as well as their design representatives. Your input will drive the entire remodeling project.

Design and construction go together like hand and glove. One follows the other. Partner with BCB Homes for a well-planned remodel, driven by your own tastes and choices. We provide comprehensive services that will answer your desires with a plan that works your budget and keeps you informed throughout the project. 

From the beginning of your remodeling project, your team will include a Dedicated Project Manager. This person will manage the schedule, the budget, and communications to make sure that you are always in the loop regarding all elements and that the work proceeds as it should without any issues with quality control. 

We also supply access to an online portal through our cloud-based construction management software that allows clients to remotely check in on the remodel at any moment. This access lets our clients avoid the anxiety of not knowing how the project progresses.

While we add the additions, features, and upgrades you desire in your home, we will also apply the highest level of building standards that exist. BCB Homes promotes a stronger home with greater energy efficiency, healthier indoor air, and easier maintenance. Our homes withstand the pressures of the climate in Southwest Florida better than homes built by others. 

For a flawless home upgrade, look to the best luxury remodelers in Florida at BCB Homes. We have three conveniently located locations and welcome the opportunity to serve. Click here to contact us online, or you can contact one of our offices:

  • Naples: 3696 Enterprise Ave, Suite 100 Naples, FL 34104 – (239) 643-1004
  • Boca Grande: 5800 Gasparilla Road, Unit D1, Boca Grande, FL 33921 – (941) 964-1704
  • Sarasota: 2724 Fruitville Road, Suite 104 Sarasota, FL 34237 – (941) 330-0800.
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