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Bathroom Remodeling Pelican Bay, Naples

If remodeling your luxury home in Pelican Bay, Naples, is on your agenda, make sure that a bathroom renovation is on the list. This one room should be the jewel of your living space, and elevating the area will significantly increase your home’s value as well as your love of it. The specialists at BCB Homes will amaze you with their ability to integrate your preferences with the existing structure.

Bathroom Remodeling Pelican Bay, NaplesThe experience of BCB Homes promises effortless and seamless construction and remodeling endeavors for those with high-end craftsmanship in mind. Whether you have a young family, have entered retirement, or want to elevate a rental or vacation property, our efforts will match your expectations.

These expectations can be difficult to define. While you can hire a professional interior designer, many of our clients prefer choosing their own materials in person. We offer the BCB Home Learning Center for this purpose. Here, you will find a display of available flooring, lighting, wall finishes, knobs, and more to include within your bathroom.

Is the Renovation Worth the Effort?

Renovations are notorious for being troublesome and disruptive. BCB Homes uses a communication process that minimizes setbacks, surprises, and disappointments. We can change the layout of the room and create a glamorous bathroom space you will value as the gem of your home, and we will keep you informed even if you travel during the process.

Sometimes bathroom renovations become essential. If a family member requires accommodations for a disability, we can make the necessary adjustments without sacrificing any of the luxurious aesthetic. Call us to install a luxurious, safe, and large walk-in or roll-in shower or tub with support bars.

Financial benefits are always in the mix when considering renovations. A bathroom makeover is one of those small modifications that can significantly affect the value of your property. Even if you don’t plan to sell in the near future, having a modern bathroom is one of the first features buyers prioritize. The energy efficient upgrades we can add will also lower utility and maintenance costs in addition to doing your part to lessening your carbon footprint.

The new spin on bathroom areas is the transformation of the room into a spa – even separating the spaces used for toilet or bathing functions from the rest of the space. Be sure to let us know the precise features you would like whether that be a soaking tub, steam shower, multi-jet full-body shower, or even a sauna. When space allows, you can incorporate a massage table, facial station, or more.

Increasing the natural light in a bathroom area without sacrificing privacy is a problem best left to experts. From sun pipes to skylights, allow the experts here at BCB Homes bring the sunshine into your newly renovated bathroom.

When you are planning a bathroom remodel, remember a few special elements that you may not consider but will definitely appreciate.

Radiant flooring will keep your space comfortable, ensuring that when you step from your shower, chills do not interrupt your comfort.

Hidden and extra storage spaces will also be useful. When the design can include creative storage solutions, the space used to accommodate modern features or accentuate the openness of the room will not be sacrificed.

Bathroom remodeling will be well worth it when you choose BCB Homes to transform your Pelican Bay, Naples home. We will make the process transparent and effortless. To discover all we have to offer, reach out by calling (239) 643-1004.

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