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Bathroom Remodeling Bay Colony, Naples, Florida

Remodeling the bathroom of your Bay Colony home can take many different forms, so choose BCB Homes in Naples, Florida, for a provider who has the capacity and skill to translate any vision of bathroom perfection into reality. Blend functional and fantastic to create a bathroom worthy of your morning prep, evening relaxation, and every use in between.

Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Bay Colony, Naples, FloridaKnowing that you would like to see your bathroom upgraded and pinpointing the precise changes you would like to make are two very different points of preparedness. Our team can help expose you to the various choices available and whittle down those options to the ones that best suit your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle. Read on to discover a few small and significant upgrades that will improve your enjoyment of your bathroom space. 

Go “Low Flow”

The concept of low-flow showerheads and toilets promotes water conservation, reducing the needless use of water. These models have had a poor reputation in the past as providing unsatisfying showers and flushes, but the tech has improved significantly. Today’s features work very similarly to traditional systems in terms of experience while significantly reducing water use and increasing the home’s value. 

Focus on Flooring

Your choice of flooring can affect the design more than you might imagine. Two details that you can choose to enhance your bathroom experience and safety include heated flooring and textured tile. These materials, available in easily cleaned, mold-resistant channels, can keep you warm and upright.

Visit the BCB Homes Learning Center to learn more about flooring options.

Prioritize Bathroom Windows

Windows in bathrooms allow for natural light, decreased humidity, and an “aired out” odor issue. We offer high-impact, energy-efficient window upgrades that will protect your building enclosure and provide the convenience of an open bathroom window when situations demand it.

Upgrade Bathroom Lighting

As you upgrade your bathroom space, consider the room’s lighting. A well-lit bathroom is more important than you might imagine. Good light is essential for safety and satisfaction, from applying makeup to shaving or reading in the tub.

Avoid Trendy Designs

Popular bathroom styles come and go in a flash. Remain true to traditional, classic designs in the architectural style of the rest of the home to maintain the home’s value if selling the home is a possibility at all in the future. On the other hand, if you are set on a feature or flash and know that you will own the home for the foreseeable future, make yourself happy with your home design. This personalization is why clients choose custom-built homes.

Quality Countertops Perform

The countertop material you choose should be functional, beautiful, and durable. We suggest investing in natural stone, but you can view all available materials at the Learning Center. Your selection coordinator will review the pros and cons of each so that you can make the best decision for your bathroom.

BCB Homes serves the homeowners of Bay Colony in Naples, Florida, providing bathroom remodeling and other services. To explore home construction, renovation, estate management, or other services, click here or call (239) 643-1004.

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