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Naples Building Diagnostics and Testing

BCB Homes provides building diagnostics and testing services in Naples, Florida, that can help clients find a proper resolution to their problematic building issues and support their goals for maximum comfort, health, safety and energy efficiency.

Naples Building Diagnostics and TestingBCB Homes is the largest Naples-based custom home builder. Our team of experienced professionals is constantly seeking new building systems and methods that will enhance the excellence of our homes. These efforts have rewarded us with a portfolio of some of the most prestigious homes and hundreds of satisfied homeowners in Marco Island, Naples, Ft. Myers, Cape Coral and Sarasota.

Consulting and Investigation Services

Buildings are designed to provide shelter from outdoor elements and a safe, healthy indoor environment. Problematic building issues can be challenging, stressful and time consuming to resolve. BCB Homes can help determine the cause of your building’s problems and work with you to determine the best remediation for the issue.

We employ a forensic approach to building diagnostics and testing and utilize a wide variety of equipment to quickly determine the cause of any specific issue. Our consulting and investigation services include:

  • Indoor Air Quality Surveying
  • Air Leakage/Blower Door Testing
  • Air Movement/Air Pressure Field Mapping
  • HVAC System/Flow & Pressure Management
  • Recommendations for Repair and Redesign
  • Follow-up Testing
  • Exterior Building Surveys
  • Water Penetration Testing

Southwest Florida is one of the most challenging environments to build in, and professionals are required to diagnose an issue, write up the prescription and execute the cure.

The experts at BCB Homes love the challenge presented by the complexities of fixing a home that is failing. We have been in the business of fixing “sick” buildings in Southwest Florida for more than 18 years – long before the field of Building Science Analysis existed. Our building diagnosticians specialize in determining the cause and effect of failures due to design errors and omissions, construction methods and materials (e.g. Chinese drywall, window leaks, etc.), improper maintenance methods, water intrusion and mold issues, and more.

With our extensive knowledge and experience in construction, building science and system operations, BCB Homes is proud to have developed a successful record in identifying, diagnosing and resolving a wide range of building issues.

When a situation arises where the services of a professional engineer in a given field are required, BCB Homes draws from a diverse pool of professionals to assist us in resolving your building issues. This combination of experience and resources gives us the ability to work with you on nearly all building issues you may encounter.

No matter how small or large a deficiency you believe may exist in your Naples, Florida residence, BCB Homes can make your life easier with building diagnostic and testing services that will help you identify, address and resolve the problem. Please call us at (239) 643-1004 to learn more.

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