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Full Service Estate Management in Naples

Proper maintenance of your home in Naples, Florida is important to preserve its beauty and value and ensure that it is a safe and healthy environment for your family. As you evaluate full-service estate management companies to care for your home, consider BCB Homes and our team of professionals who understand the needs of high-end luxury homes.

Full Service Estate Management in NaplesBCB Homes is the largest custom home builder in Naples. By combining our 25-plus years of construction expertise with a meticulous approach to inspection and preventative maintenance, our experienced building and diagnostic professionals can help you keep your home looking beautiful and operating at peak performance year-round.

Your fully customizable Estate Management Program can include these and a wide range of other services:

Weekly General Home Inspections – Our in-house inspector performs a sweeping visual inspection of everything from air conditioning condensers and drains, landscape and lighting, pool and spa, structural wear and tear, driveways, windows and doors, balconies and terraces, home appliances, fireplaces, signs of water intrusion, security systems, smoke alarms, generators, and other relevant home features.

Air Conditioning Systems Inspection and Maintenance – Air conditioning is necessary for comfort in Florida homes, but mold and mildew can cause significant damage when humidity is not adequately controlled. A regular maintenance plan is important for preventing clogged drain lines, excessive moisture, and deterioration of your compressor equipment.

Roof System Inspection and Routine Maintenance – Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home, but weather, wind and debris buildup can lead to leaks and other damage. Regular maintenance and repairs can extend its lifespan. BCB Homes’ Building Science Division performs a comprehensive, 70-point assessment to analyze the integrity of all roof features and components. Recommendations for maintenance and repair are provided to you in a pictorial report.

Benefits of Estate Management

There are countless benefits to having the BCB Homes Estate Management team working for you, such as:

  • By being diligent about the upkeep of your home and property, you can ensure that minor problems don’t become major liabilities (that are always more time-consuming and expensive to fix) or cause your energy consumption and utility bills to soar unnecessarily. A regular home inspection and maintenance program is money well spent.
  • Less downtime. The worst time to find out you have problems with your HVAC system or water heater is when you don’t have cool, comfortable air or hot water. Routine inspection can help eliminate preventable system failures, maximize the life of your home’s complex features, and enhance its appearance.
  • Peace of mind. Most homeowners have routine maintenance issues that are placed on the back-burner due to a lack of time, energy or skill. Whether you are at home or away, BCB Homes can manage your home and its components both proactively and reactively to ensure your peace of mind.

Ensure that your home in Naples, Florida is always secure and in peak condition by taking advantage of BCB Homes full-service Estate Management services. Give us a call at (239) 643-1004 to find out how we can help.

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