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Estate Management Companies in Sarasota, Florida

Are you interested in the most reliable, professional, and skilled of the estate management companies in Sarasota, Florida? BCB Homes would like to make the case for you to join the ranks of our satisfied clients. Allow us to bring our building expertise to bear for the benefit of your greatest asset, your home.

Worry-Free Home Ownership

Estate Management Companies in Sarasota, FloridaOnce you have reached life’s pinnacle and have the luxury home of your dreams, why would you limit that enjoyment with the burdens of home care and maintenance? BCB Homes offers turnkey estate management services that will allow you to enjoy life within your home without the worries of home upkeep.

Estate Management Services for Homeowners

Throw Away Your To-Do List

Do you enjoy taking care of home maintenance chores during your free time?

If so, by all means, carry on. But, if you do not, allow BCB Homes to meet these needs. We will organize inspections, routine maintenance, repairs, and more. Whether you have a minor issue that we find and repair before it becomes significant or damage due to a weather event that requires emergency intervention, put your home in the hands of the experts at BCB Homes. We have the skill, experience, tools, and dedication to perform well for our clients.

Select the Level of Service That You Prefer

Estate management from BCB Homes can be customized to your level of comfort. We generally offer weekly home inspections, roof system inspections and maintenance, window and door inspections and maintenance, A/C systems inspections and maintenance, audio/video, electrical and lighting control inspections and maintenance, and grounds and structure inspections and maintenance. Click here to explore all of the services available from BCB Homes.

We will provide a dedicated professional to manage every aspect of your home’s upkeep, leveraging our experience and vast network of building professionals. A BCB Homes dedicated estate manager, your personal property concierge, will protect your home from the effects of time, damage, and use.

Rely on Us for All Occasions

The demands of home care are far too easy to forget, and the consequences of overlooking routine checks and maintenance can be structurally detrimental. Equally important, when bad weather causes damage to your home, immediate intervention from a BCB Homes team will minimize the extent of the destruction to your property. BCB Homes can be vital to homeownership during the hurricane season, from preparing for the storm before it arrives to recovery afterward.

Travel without Looking Back

Fully immerse yourself in your travel experiences when BCB Homes cares for your home. Routine inspections can continue during your absence, so you can leave worries at home while you enjoy life away from it.

Estate Management from BCB Homes

BCB Homes is the leading luxury home construction, renovation, and estate management provider in the region. Since 1993, we have elevated the building standards of the region, and we operate with precision, dedication, communication, and skill. While we rely on tried-and-true measures of craftsmanship, we also take advantage of the advantages of advanced technology.

Estate management will protect your home’s value, aesthetic, and functionality, and the best of the companies that serve homes in Sarasota, Florida, is BCB Homes. Click here or call (941) 330-0800 to speak with our team in Sarasota. We also have offices in Naples and Boca Grande, which you can reach by dialing (239) 643-1004 or (941) 964-1704, respectively.

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