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Upscale Home Builders in Boca Grande, Florida

Find the upscale home builders in Boca Grande, Florida, you need at BCB Homes. With our team on board for your new home build, you can rest assured that it will ooze prestige, durability, and class from every joist, beam, and seam. We bring over three decades of experience elevating the elite neighborhoods of Southwest Florida to every project, and we anticipate adding yours to the list.

Prioritize Experience and Expertise in Building

Upscale Home Builders in Boca Grande, FloridaBCB Homes has operated in Southwest Florida, raising building standards since 1993. We specialize in construction, renovation, and estate management, and we have earned numerous awards over the years for the quality of our work. You can see evidence of our skill throughout the area or simply navigate to our online galleries.

Custom Features for Your Upscale Home

The features you include in your home can and should be customized to meet your preferences, but they should be chosen with your family’s lifestyle, goals, budget, and plans in mind. We will assist as you designate the features and materials you would like in your home plans.

This assistance takes the form of a selections coordinator, and the education is gleaned from the demonstrations and displays of materials and techniques at the BCB Homes Learning Center. A few of the most commonly chosen elements that our clients consider essential to their custom home designs include the following:

  • Mudroom with built-in storage
  • Main suite
  • Large bedrooms and closets
  • Multi-car garage
  • Laundry chute for a two-story residence
  • Home office
  • Customized kitchen organization
  • Walk-in pantry
  • Outdoor kitchen and dining area
  • Guest suite
  • Playroom/Game room
  • Automated speaker system
  • Automated security system
  • Double islands in the kitchen
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Energy-efficient HVAC system
  • Energy-efficient windows and doors
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Window reading nook
  • Wine room
  • Heated bathroom floors
  • Ample storage in every room
  • There are endless other options.

The amenities and materials you choose for your home should work together and promote your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. We can help you get the design right, aesthetically and structurally. The Building Information Modeling (BIM) software we use will spot any issues with the design before we break ground, and it allows clients to “walk through” their homes virtually.

Bring your list of “must-haves,” and we will try to ensure that your home includes all of the elements you consider essential.

When we build a home, we follow the BCB Points of Construction guidelines. These processes allow us to promise results that can withstand the pressures of Florida’s climate and provide healthier indoor air and greater energy efficiency. We accomplish these goals through targeted material selection, innovative techniques, and strategic home design. 

Throughout the build, you can expect constant access to the status of your home build. We use a cloud-based construction management software that allows our clients to check in on their homes remotely anytime.

In addition to creating your dream home, we provide a world-class warranty to support that work. We also offer remodeling and renovation services and estate management services. With services from BCB Homes, owning a luxury home can be a true luxury.

Click here or call (941) 964-1704 to contact BCB Homes, the best home builders in Boca Grande, Florida. We also have offices in Naples and Sarasota, reachable at (239) 643-1004 and (941) 330-0800, respectively.

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